Sunday, October 23, 2011

...because he makes me laugh.

Okay everyone. I have two posts saved in my drafts that I have yet to finish (complete with life updates, pictures, recent crafts, etc.). However, I am a busy college student so posts have been a little slow. ANYWAY....I just wanted to post real quick about one of the many reason I love my Taylor: I love him because he makes me laugh. So hard. Very often. I have a picture to show why I was laughing so hard but Taylor said he was too embarrassed for me to post it :(. So Taylor has this strange habit of putting things on his head. A lot of times during SOAR Tay would walk around with his backpack on his head. Tonight Taylor was going to go shower while I was supposed to study for a test tomorrow (which I have yet to do because I'm on here!). He had his shorts he was going to change into after his shower and decided to just put them on his head. Now, imagine Taylor with big grey/silver basketball shorts on his head just chillin. Funny, right? He looked like a combination of Toad from Mario Party and someone from the Middle-East. When I told him he resembled a Middle-Eastern he started speaking in a stereotypical middle Eastern voice telling me about his street market and that only "Swen" (my grandpa Nielsen's first name) was allowed because he probably has good credit. I hope you think this is sort of funny because I was dying laughing. If not, just be happy that I am happy....haha. He totally reminded me of my dad when my dad would be all silly and do impersonations of people. I miss my dad a lot and the smiles he brought to me, but I'm so grateful that I have Taylor around to keep that smile on my face and laughter in the air. Even though Taylor is now sitting next to me eating nuts (the worst food in the whole world!), right now I am grateful for Taylor and I love him lots because he makes me laugh. He makes me happy. And that's all.