Friday, January 27, 2012

The people behind the scenes of the "I Do"

Hello all! I've turned into a slacker of a blogger....As my friend Audrey put it on her blog, "Pinterest has stolen my heart". Hate to say it but it's true. Anyway, this post is just for fun and, for those planning weddings, those who might be planning a wedding in the future (aka those, like my previous self, who have wedding pinterest boards "just for fun" but really you're secretly about to get engaged), and for those who (also like my previous self) really do just like looking at wedding stuff and getting ideas for when that time comes, I wanted to post about the awesome people whom I have been working with who are the real people who are going to make all the small but important! details come together for my big day. 

Rings: Wilson Diamonds I absolutely loved Wilson Diamonds. I initially had interest in them because of my job at Allyse's. I have helped so many different brides in the past few years and couldn't even try to count. However, the thing I haven't seen that was different than others was rings. I can't tell you how many times I've seen the same or similar style ring on multiple girls' finger. However, there were two rings (funny timing, I saw them both on the same day at work) that I had never seen before. I asked both girls where they went and they both told me then went to Wilson's. I decided right then that I would go to Wilson. I have been in that store many times (last year my roommates and I went to Zupa's a lot so we would go look at Wilson's a lot, too). When Taylor and I started looking at rings we went to Wilson Diamonds first, but we were planning on looking many other places. However, we went in, found some things I liked, and we worked with Shane (funny that he doesn't work at The Shane Co., huh?). When we left Taylor told me he thought we were "good" just sticking with Wilson's. I promise if you go there you won't be let down. And you get a discount on the groom's ring when you buy the girl's there. They do free cleanings all the time, and they remember who you are every time you go in. Okay, I'm done ranting, but really, I was soooo happy we went here. 

Catering: Brown Brothers Catering Taylor, my mom, and I met with them for maybe half an hour and everything was all set. Their food and customer service is amazing! They catered my work party this year and last year and I loved everything about it. 

Decorations: Design Elite I'm super excited about my decorations! My wedding is basically going to be one big girly, sparkly, pink, fancy celebration, and these are the best people I could be working with for this. They're very creative and give you lots of options. I'm having my reception at the Provo City Library, which is a pretty clean slate for decorations, so they're going to be doing a lot and I'm so excited for you all to see! 

DJ: Blake Leszczynski. Blake has done a LOT of DJ-ing so I'm very happy to be able to work with him. We're not having too crazy of an event, but we do want some background music, and there will be, of course, the "first dances" and of course dancing in general. Blake is super chill, and he's a fun DJ. 

Flowers: White Willow Ahhhh I'm super excited about this. Even though I've been in the wedding industry for about 4 years, really all I know about is dresses. When I went to work with White Willow, they were super nice and VERY knowledgeable. That is one thing that makes me scared is when you ask a lot of questions and don't get questions to every single question. Really, I feel like you should be able to trust your wedding vendors, and I've been so happy to find people I can trust and work with very well. My wedding flowers are going to have all the elements that represent my wedding and, of course, me: pink, sparkles, and (my favorite part!) bows. I'm so excited about this.

Hair & Makeup: Versa Artistry Oh my goodness (sorry I sound like a little giddy person on each of these, but I'm excited ok??). Flavia at Versa Artistry is amazing. She is so talented. I met her when I did a photoshoot with my sisters and Liz (whom I will mention next!) Flavia's work is flawless, down to gluing on fake lashes perfectly. Actually, the photo at the top of my blog (where I am looking down) is from the shoot I did. Those are fake lashes but you can't see all the glue now, can ya? Yep, she's that good. Flavia will be doing my hair and makeup for both my bridal session and my wedding day. Her work is amazing. Here is the photos from the shoot I did with Flavia and Liz. Each of us were supposed to have a different look, and as you can see, we did. If you want more information about her let me know!

Photography: Stacy Christian (Engagements in Hawaii) & Elizabeth Taylor Frandsen (Bridals and Wedding)
You guys. I'm in love with both of these ladies' work!

Engagements: Now, most of you are not from or in Hawaii, but I do owe a lot of credit to this wonderful woman! Taylor's sister Tiffany referred us to Stacy since we needed to find a photographer in Hawaii for our engagements. Stacy was wonderful to work with. She was so easy going, and very friendly. We wanted some pretty simple, but classy shots, and I believe we got them. Go check out our wedding website if you want to see our engagements!

Bridals and wedding: Liz is an absolutely stunning photographer! My sister Nicole found out about Liz when Nicole and Glen got an wedding invitation from one of Glen's old companions. My whole entire family enjoyed working with Liz on Nicole's wedding day. Liz is not just someone who decided one day to be a photographer because she has a nice camera. The lady's got talent. She tries to shoot in a new location every time she shoots because she says it helps her be even more creative. I don't have my bridals done yet, but you can look here to see my sister's bridal photos, or click here to see Nicole and Glen's wedding photos. I told my mom that my dress and photography were most important to me, and I'm sooooo happy to be able to work with Liz again, but this time I'll be in a wedding dress for real purposes!

Dress: My dress, of course, is from Allyse's Bridal & Formal. I did not just get my dress there because I work there, I got my dress there because I absolutely love it and I feel like a bride in it. I am getting married in the temple, so it has to be modest, which is nice because I don't have to add sleeves or a jacket to it. My bridesmaids dresses are also from Allyse's, and they are going to be unique because I special ordered them (which anyone can do if you have a few months---they come from China :). I am changing the neckline a little and possibly adding some buttons down the back, which is also nice about Allyse's because they have amazing seamstresses on site that can help you make your dress yours. To be honest, I didn't think I'd be super excited about my dress because I'm surrounded by dresses all the time anyway, but when I found my dress, I got sooo excited and I felt beautiful. I'm so excited for you all to see.