Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Here Comes the Bride...

Well, this post obviously isn't about myself since I'm already married. But last week I helped throw a combined bridal shower for Brooke and Katie, two girls I work with at Allyse's. It was such a fun night, and I am so excited for the girls! Brooke is getting married in less than two weeks! Katie is getting married just a couple weeks later in the beginning of January. It was a great night of celebrating and giving the girls some good marriage advice :) It was fun to put together the shower because most of what we used to decorate were things I already owned but just revamped for the shower (I'll post about that later) :) We had the shower at Allyse's. My adorable friend and co-worker Ashley turned one of our bridal stage areas into a mini photo booth area. Brooke loves chocolate milk, and Kate loves treats, so we had a cookies and milk themed shower. Enjoy the photos!

                                                                      Katie (aka Katherine)

Brooke and some of her guests :) 

I'm obsessed with these straws 

It wouldn't be a bridal "shower" without an umbrella at the photo booth! 

Beautiful brides! 

My cute coworkers and friends! 

Oops :) 

I'm sorry it was just too funny not to post!