Saturday, April 5, 2014

Some Good Advice

Today is the first day of the 184th Semiannual General Conference of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day saints. For those who are unfamiliar with this, you can learn more here.

Today I really, really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk where he mentioned standing up for what you believe, and doing so in a kind and respectful way. One of my 2014 goals was to not be afraid sharing my thoughts, opinions, and beliefs. I have always been kind of afraid to do so because many of my beliefs are rather conservative and not accepted by the vast majority of the people in the world we live in. Another reason that sharing and defending my beliefs has made me nervous is that many might take offense because they might not understand what I believe. However, this quote really touched me today because it reminded me that it is, indeed, OK to stand up for what I believe and defend my beliefs by doing it kindly, courteously, and compassionately. I have never had any intentions of defending my beliefs unkindly, but this was just a good reminder.

This General Conference I'm wanting to share favorite quotes from talks via social media. If you have any favorite talks that you would like to see in a design like this, comment below or message me and I'll make one! I'm hoping to share quotes like this through Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (though I have no idea what I'm doing with Twitter!) to share the gospel and uplift people regardless of their beliefs or faith.
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Friday, April 4, 2014

On The Hunt

Happy April! If you're in Utah, you probably needed this reminder that it is actually April. Hello snow and rain??

So, we are currently on the hunt for housing in Houston, but today I'm talking about another hunt I'm on!

Today's post is brought to you by my desperate/clueless girly self..? Yes. I'm on the hunt for a few new "essentials" and I've come to the point where I just need any and all suggestions!

Ok, first of all---face wash and moisturizer!! I've been blessed to have pretty clear skin, but I still want to take care of my skin so that it can age well and be healthy. I've been trying lots of different kinds and I'm just looking for more suggestions to try!

Second--Mascara!! This has been a real struggle for me! My eyelashes are about as straight as they come, so I'm a firm believer in a lash curler (except a few blogs once told me to put my hair dryer to my curler to basically get the "curling iron" effect for my hello burning metal on my eyes?? That was a horrible idea. I probably did it wrong though)...and of course a great mascara is necessary. All you bright-eyed beauties/eyelash Yodas, share your knowledge!

Third--Foundation!! I have the hardest time matching foundation to my skin, and also not feeling like I have caked on makeup. What are your favorites? Like I said I feel like I have pretty good skin, but I just need to highlight that and even things out sometimes. And I HATE feeling sticky.

Oh, and lip color. I want to be more adventurous. But I'm a whimp. You guys obviously know what I look like, so um, suggestions on colors?

Well now that you know all my deep dark secrets, we can be even better friends, right?? Oh, and I want to try out things you guys recommend...and I'll report later. But no guarantee on any beauty posts, because we all know how awkward I feel about doing those types of things.

Also, I'm on the hunt for some shoes for graduation. Here are some I've been looking at but I'm convince I can get them at an even better deal. Where are your favorite places to find shoes?

Spring Wedges

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