Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Quit hatin' on the love

Hello all,

First of all, Happy Valentine's Day! So today after seeing so many anti-love/Valentine's Day posts on FB, and after being SOOOO tempted to give a rebuttal on those people's, I have decided to write more appropriately and less controversially, on my own blog, about why Valentine's Day is not "single awareness day". Yes, you may say, "well of course you think that--you're engaged." Well what I say to that is, I have been engaged for only 3 months (as of yesterday :), not my whole life, and I have never had a problem with Valentine's day. So here's what I have to say (because it's my blog, so I can):

FB Status: Happy Single Awareness Day!
Rebuttal: Valentine's Day is NOT all about couples. It's about LOVE. Last I heard, you don't have to only love your boyfriend, girlfriend, fiance, husband, wife, or make-out buddy. You can love your family and friends (duh). Seriously. I've had my share of lonely Valentine's Day, but I've always enjoyed the holiday. You have an excuse to eat candy, treats, make cute notes, and wear pink (if you like. it happens to be my favorite color :). Instead of thinking about how you don't have a boyfriend or girlfriend or whatever, why don't you take a treat to that cute boy or girl in your ward just for fun, have a girls night, have a guys night, whatever. It's a holiday--enjoy it. I'm not trying to be insensitive, I just want to help people see another side to this. I've had so much fun on Valentine's day with my friends in past years, even when I didn't have a significant other. Try it. It's fun.

FB Status: My guess is if you have to go big on this day...you are failing 364 days of the year....
Rebuttal: There is nothing wrong with having a day set aside specifically for showing love for those whom you love. I read my school newspaper, The Daily Universe, today, and so many people talked about how you shouldn't have to only show love today. People, did anyone ever say that you can only show love on this day? I wasn't present if that did happen. People are so busy and have so much going on in life that I think it's great we have a day set aside especially for those whom we love. It's like birthdays, for example. Should we not celebrate birthdays because we should just ALWAYS be celebrating everyone's existence? No, birthdays, like Valentine's Day, are a time for us to pay special attention to that one person. Does that mean we treat them like we don't give a crap that they came into the world on all other 364 days of the year? No. So that's what I think. I see people doing nice things and showing love for friends, family, significant others, etc., all year round. Do they do as extravagant things all those times, maybe not. However, it's nice to have an excuse to do something a little extra special for those we love.

FB status: This isn't the real holiday. It's actually the eve of the holiday when all the candy is half-off.
Rebuttal: Okay, nothing is really that wrong with this. But all I have to say is, it's not ALL about the treats. Go out and love people! Haha :)

Okay, so hopefully I don't seem like too much of a hater. But I just see people, such as my mom, who don't have a significant other here to celebrate with (my dad's passed away), who still are positive on this fourteenth day of February. Those people don't mope on  Facebook about how bad today is, they just love and are grateful for those they have. They don't hate people who do happen to have a "significant" other that they choose to celebrate today with. All I've gotta say is, for the love people. For the love....go love people. Don't hate today.

And on that note I need to mention my future husband, Taylor. He's the best. He puts a smile on my face and is always trying to make me happy. Love him to death! We are getting married in 30 days :) And even if we weren't, I still wouldn't hate Valentine's Day.