Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comfy Comfy's & Mowgli hair {updates}

Hey everyone, I'm working on posting the rest of our summer trip, my birthday, etc. For today, however, I just have some quick catching up to do. Taylor just got a job doing security at the MTC (Missionary Training Center for LDS missionaries :), and I just had an interview for a new job today, but I won't hear back for a few weeks. We'll see! Today I bought a pattern for a quilt so that I can make use of all the scraps I have from different sewing projects. I sure hope it actually turns out. We'll see how that goes! I'm also working on some cute drapes for our living room. I am having a hard time knowing what to do now that we're not traveling like crazy, but it's nice to have some time to catch up on cleaning, laundry, and especially crafts!

Hopefully soon (ish) I'll be able to show you a picture of a lovely quilt made out of allll these scraps.

Real quick. Yesterday was July 24. We had a lot of fun at the Orem Owlz game with friends. I wasn't able to see fireworks live (we watched them on TV haha) for the fourth of July, so when I found out there would be fireworks after the Owlz game, we just had to go. 

 There was some wind and rain, which inspired some cozy male bonding {above}, as well as a makeshift tent with an extra blanket we had {below}.

This is Andrea and Bo. They are some of my best friends. And oh, so cute together :)

Yesterday was also an important day in my life---not having anything to do with pioneers, though. A year ago yesterday, Taylor came over to my apartment to do 'laundry'. His apartment didn't have a washer and dryer, so I would often let him use my apartment's. While yes, he did do laundry that day, soon after he arrived I found that he had an alternative motive. My young girl (ha ha, okay it was only a year ago, but 'young girl' makes it sound more romantic) dream of having Taylor come and confess his love for me came true! Although, he didn't tell me he loved me (obviously, that'd be a little bit creep status----too fast), and he didn't exactly tell me his feelings in a traditional way. You see, I often joke about my appearance when my hair is unkempt and a little crazy for whatever reason. I did this a lot during SOAR because we didn't always have time to get as 'ready' as we'd like because we had early mornings and late nights as counselors. During my freshman year of college I earned the nickname Mowgli (yes, as in the little orphaned, shirtless boy in the Jungle Book) because I used to dance with my hair down in class (when my hair was not as long as it is now) and it would get messy. Hence, I looked like a little boy who climbed trees with messy hair and sang about the 'bare necessities' of life with a large, friendly bear. Anyway, the other important information for this story is that if you know me you know (if you don't, you know now) that I love my 'comfy comfy's'. AKA sweats. My sophomore year of college I was dancing ALL the time at school so when I got home nothing sounded better than putting on a very large pair of sweats and just being 'comfy'. However, the name 'comfy comfy's' was a better name to me than just 'comfy'. 

Me wearing some comfy comfy's {above} and an example of Mowgli hair {below}

                                    {This was on a hike up the 'Y' mountain during SOAR}
So instead of telling me, "Kelsey, I like you. I want to date you." Taylor told me--as he referred to me in third person-- that he liked a girl who rocked Mowgli hair and who liked to wear comfy comfy's. And it's all history after that. 

It's just crazy to think how life can be so different after only a year. A year ago I would never had thought that on July 25, 2012--one year later-- I'd be sitting in my apartment {one that I share with a boy instead of the usual girls I lived with}, blogging about my married life adventures, and taking care of wife duties. While I may not have expect these things to happen, I sure am glad that they did. And that's all. :) 

Friday, July 20, 2012

The miracle of 'today'

Hey friends.

So here I am trying to be productive and do all our laundry that reeks of campfire from our recent family reunion.. Just as I was about to turn off the TV, a story on KSL Studio 5 came on and it almost had me in tears {lately I've been good at almost crying but not losing it when something is sad or inspiring}. The story was about a four-year-old boy named Cooper who was accidentally backed over by a car in his own driveway.

This post isn't meant to be about depressing and sad tragedies, but more about what I have been reminded of by them. Taylor and I were only gone for about a month visiting family. In that one month we heard of four different people who were tragically and unexpectedly killed in an accident of some sort. We didn't know any of them personally, but three out of the four were either relatives, friends, or siblings of people we know. Each time we heard the news I was reminded of the blessing that being alive is.

These were four people under the age of 45 who probably thought they'd live a long life.

These stories reminded me of and made me want to share about how grateful I am for the people and things that Heavenly Father gave me and continues to give me to have the most beautiful life. These stories also reminded me of how precious life really is. Something that I learned, that luckily I've been able to remember and try to practice daily, from my father's premature death almost five years ago is to be grateful for every single day that we live and for each day we have with our friends and loved ones.

Tomorrow is the five-year anniversary of my father's passing. I have absolutely no doubt that his passing was part of Heavenly Father's plan. I had heard a story once when I was young about two brothers who got in a big fight over something very little and went to bed mad at each other. The next morning one of the brothers didn't wake up. He had died in his sleep from some kind of brain problem {sorry that I don't remember exactly what or have the correct terminology}. Ever since then I tried to make it a habit to always tell my family I loved them when I went to bed or when we parted ways. The last time I saw my dad was five years ago as I said goodbye to him before the rest of my family was leaving somewhere. He gave me a hug and a kiss and told me he loved me. I don't know why, but I felt like I should just give him one more hug 'goodbye'...just in case. I am so grateful that I listened to that small voice and feeling because I can still distinctly remember my last works and hug to him here on Earth.

Life really is such a precious gift. Since my husband is from Hawaii, and I from Utah, people always ask if we're going to live there one day and tell me how awesome it is that my husband is from such an exotic place. It was then that I realized that it really doesn't matter to me where we end up, but more about who we're surrounded by---such as our loved ones and friends.

I recently read a book {if you know me well then I should explain that yes I did read and enjoy a book {for some reason I really have never been a big reader. I think I have too much A.D.D. to sit and read for too long. But I obviously love writing!}}. This book is called Heaven is Here. It's written by Stephanie Nielson, a plane-crash survivor and writer of the blog I read this book right after I had experienced some extremely painful back problems, some of which I am still struggling with. At the time I was so focused on how hard my life was {embarrassing to say out loud, but who likes fake people right? ...Just being honest}. Anyway, I was unable to really do anything physical at all. As I read this book I realized that even though I couldn't do many things I loved or was used to doing at the time {my dancing career is basically over as far as I know now}, I still had so many other blessings in life. I'm not here to preach to anyone, but if you're looking for a good read, or if you're feeling down about life, you should read this book.

After reading this book, I was able to put my trial of back problems into perspective. Just like Stephanie, even though my body isn't perfect, I am alive. I have tried to keep this in mind any time I start complaining about things in my life that might not be perfect.

Each time I hear of the unexpected passing of someone I am again reminded of how grateful I am to be alive. I am so grateful for my husband Taylor. He makes me laugh and smile every day. I am grateful for my body, even in its imperfections. I am so grateful every morning that I wake up and realize that Heavenly Father has given me another day to live and make a difference in my life, and hopefully in the lives of others. Every day the fact that I am able to say the word 'today' I realize that 'today' is a miracle because it's another day that Heavenly Father has given me.

As I was writing this post I heard on the news of two more deaths on the news, and found out about one more death of a friend's father. It really is crazy how fast life can be taken, which is why 'today' is a miracle. And that's all.

***I mentioned at the beginning of this post about a little boy Cooper who was accidentally killed. Here is the beautiful video they showed on the news segment. Cooper's family is holding the annual 'Cooper's Run' next Saturday, July 28th. If you're interested, I saw the family talking about it and it really is a good cause. The money from registering for the 5k run goes toward a scholarship they have created in Cooper's name. They even said if you don't register but still want to go you can. They just want support. After the 5k they also have a 'fun run/walk' for kids, teens, adults, everyone! Click here for more information.

Have a beautiful 'today' everyone!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Dear 'I Just Like the "B"' readers,

I welcome you to the Liebster Blog Award ceremony....hope you're dressed for the occasion. :)

My adorable friend Katie over at ktandcamsmith awarded me the Liebster blog award. I feel so special. Really. Haha. I love to write and share fun things, so I'm glad at least one person other than myself enjoys it as well :)

{no this is not an award ceremony for's just how this got started. Don't judge, just keep reading}

In German, Liebster means {beloved, dearest, or favorite}.

Katie is an amazing dancer, good friend, and just so fun to be around. She's also hilarious. Thanks, Katie, for the award!

I have awarded the following people this award:

1. Nicole Nielsen Ellsworth, my older sister. She's so good at documenting her life and especially sharing pictures. She's the best traveler I know, and quite domestic. She always has something fun and new to look at on her blog. Click here to check out her blog!

2. Audrey Pedersen over at her blog  also gets this award. She has the most adorable child ever! Audrey gave birth to sweet Darbi {see below} extremely premature and I've been amazed to watch how well Audrey and her husband Clint have done to raise such an amazing child regardless of a rough beginning. Audrey is the cutest scrapbooker, crafter, styler, etc. Check her blog out!

3. Kelsie Stuart and her cute blog are also receiving this award. Kelsie and I were roommates before I got married. Kelsie is sooo crafty and is a great writer. Go read and follow!

4. Brielle Story over at Story's From the Crypt was an easy candidate for this award. Brielle and her husband spent a few months living in a morg. Literally. She shared some pretty interesting stories and experiences during that time.  I'll just leave it at that so you're forced to go read!

5. Last but not least, I give this award to my cute friend Katie Ashby over at her blog . As I was trying to figure out who to give the last spot to, I read her most recent post and I just love how honest she is. Plus she always has fun new crafts, recipes, etc. Go read and follow!

In order to accept the award: 
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you. Make sure you are a
 follower of the person who gave you the award.
2. Post the award to your blog.
3. Give the award to at least 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4. Leave a comment on the 5 blogs to let them know that they have 
been offered this award.

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

K&T Adventure part 1.

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, I've done some renovations on my blog...hope you like it! Taylor and I are spending our last night away from home for a while tonight at my aunt and uncle Julie and Peter's home in San Clemente, California. If you're a friend or frequent follower you've probably known we've been doing a little traveling lately. A few of my family and friends have been asking to see pictures of events here and there and of course I want to share, but it's going to take a while, so I hope you like fun stories and pictures!

Part one: Driving from Utah to California

Taylor and I originally planned to leave Utah to go visit home in Hawaii asap after my little sister Lydia graduated from high school in May. However, our plan changed when one of Tay's good friends and former groomsman asked Taylor to be in his wedding line in June. Instead of flying to Hawaii from Utah, we packed my little four-cylinder Lancer and drove ten hours to stay here at my aunt and uncle's house in San Clemente. We spent a few days just chilling here, going to the beach and pool, and we attended my cute cousin Morgan's high school graduation. On our last day in California we got to attend our friends Kaneakua and Rachel's wedding ceremony and reception in Newport. Here are some photos to show the fun first part of our first married roadtrip:

          My crafty husband prepared a couple days before graduation and made Lyd a cute sign

                                                    The graduate, Lydia!

 Tay and Lyd with the sign (my dad's nickname for Lydia was Lady Bug)


 She's going to be mad I posted this, but Lyd's "best friend" Colby is serving a mission in Canada. He's a BYU athlete, so Lyd sports his wristbands many times. I made her take this picture. Cute, right?

Taylor and I both picked a big treat from Costco to bring for the roadtrip. I loooove chocolate covered raisins. 

 Although we'd already been married for about three months, we had to bring my wedding dress with us for our wedding reception (note: reception not open house...stay tuned because it was legit)

Check this out. Taylor and I needed just a couch to sleep on for a few nights before going to Hawaii, but my aunt and uncle gave us the cutest beach-themed room to stay in. When we got there my cute aunt Julie had put together this whole welcome tray for us. We used it all! (Note: the little blue bottle on the left-hand side behind the lip balm and next to the water is some Downy wrinkle spray. It works like a charm! Definitely buying more when we get home.) 

{Click on the Downy picture above to learn more about the's amazing!]}

                     I just love him so much. That's all.

                       Loved the bedding. 

               Tay and I made a sign for Morgan's graduation, too. 

                       Taking some of our 'hotel' room treats to the graduation. 


 We had some delicious food at my aunt and uncle Priscilla and Steve's home before the graduation. 

                                      The graduation 

                     Morgan is the one with the adorable glasses waving. 

                                 The graduation was complete with fireworks. 

                          Morgan and her brother Aiden. I love this photo! 

The wedding. This couple is adorable! Not to mention extremely good looking. 

 Tay and Kane have been friends since high school.

 Cutest groomsman I've ever seen :)

 Kane & Rachel and her sisters

 If you're friends with me on FB you probably saw a while ago (because I probably blew up your wall) that I was in a contest to win a free Mikarose dress. This is the dress I won. I'm obsessed with floral print.

 We had some extra time before the reception so we put together a cute little package for Kane and Rachel's honeymoon (no, it wasn't dirty, just romantic :)

 I LOVED this groom's cake for Kane. Kane plays football for BYU and he's from Hawaii. Rachel is also a swimmer (she swam at BYU) so she's rocking the swimsuit on the cake as Kane struts the football uniform. Loved it! If you like it, pin it. I'm sure whoever made it would be flattered haha. This inspired me to go into cake making...for a second.

 Their party favors (those are sort of a big deal in Hawaiian culture I found out) they had cute little buckets with rock candy inside.

 I LOVED this. For their sign in book, one of Rachel's bridesmaids drew this tree. Guests stamped their fingerprints on the tree as leaves and signed their names. My favorite is the swing with Rachel's and Kane's fingerprints. Adorable!

Rachel was brave and performed a surprise hula for Kane, as is a popular tradition in Hawaiian culture. Not going to lie, I definitely skipped out on that on purpose when we got married. Oops :).

Well that's it for part one of our three-part trip! I have a few crafts, style, and recipes to post about as well, so be ready for lots of activity coming from "I just like the "B" and that's all"!