Saturday, December 3, 2011

ANNOUNCEMENT: Allyse's Bridal & Formal has moved! (Not closed!!!)

Alright everyone, this really has nothing to do with my personal life exactly..but kind of. In case any of you didn't know, I'm a bridal consultant at Allyse's Bridal & Formal. The store has been located in the University Mall next to Macy's for...well, since probably any and everyone can remember. However, Allyse's has recently moved!!! And it's not one of those "we had to move because we're gonna shut down"'s one of those "oh, hey, we just upgraded!" So just in case any of you or anyone you know is wanting to go look at any wedding, formal, or semi-formal gowns, don't go to the University Mall because we're not there anymore :). We moved just about two blocks south of the mall on State Street in Orem, so just keep going south on State Street instead of going to the mall. If you know where The Emporium used to be (a different bridal shop), that's where we're at. It's right next to Nickel City. It's a GORGEOUS store with wood floors, two levels, and even a men's lounge if your dad, brothers, fiance, etc. want to come hang out and wait for you (complete with big couch, pool table, and flat screen tv!) Anyway, I myself will be doing some dress shopping there for my wedding, and I'm super excited about the new store so I just thought I'd share the news! Even if you're not shopping for anything, come in and take a look! We are currently and technically open right now, but we're still transitioning into the new building and doing some small construction. The store's number is still the same (801.226.4706) and the new address is 1497 S. State Street Orem, Utah. As I was just searching online for the exact address I came upon some customer ratings of The Emporium (Walker's Eternity Bridal), if any of you have read them, you'll know they're pretty bad experiences. So just to clarify, The Emporium (a completely different company) has closed. Allyse's Bridal & Formal is moving in. We are the same store as we were in the mall, just a new place. Let me know if you have questions!!!