Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Origami Owl Locket Giveaway!

Today I am giving a shout out to my friend Kirstie over at The Semler Life who is doing the most adorable giveaway! This is not a sponsored post...I just think it is really cute and wanted to tell you all about it! Basically these little "lockets" are customizable with different charms inside them. Go check out the giveaway and enter here! The giveaway ends on October 6th, so get your entries in! I'm definitely going to (being on a shopping fast makes giveaways or anything possibly free just that much more exciting).

P.S. I've heard people say that giveaways aren't worth entering. Obviously if you are not that interested in what is being given away it's not worth it... but I randomly won a Shabby Apple giveaway a few months ago (which was funny because at the time I was interning for them so Shabby Apple so I was extra interested in their dresses) and I was like entry 1,050 or something crazy like that. So that kept me trying with giveaways. So go check it out, and good luck!!

P.S. again...Just Buttons & Bows is just about ready to be re-opened so I'm looking for people who would either like to do reviews or giveaways with me with some adorable bows on their blog. Let me know if you're interested!

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