Tuesday, April 19, 2011

An Antoine Dodson kind of day...

"You are so dumb. You are really dumb. Fo' real."

That is kind of how I felt today. In case you have better things to do with your life than watch extremely popular YouTube videos... watch this. I'm not blog-smart enough to do the cool little "here" button where it takes you to the link...so watch this:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzNhaLUT520

ANYWAY. So this blog post is way lame compared to my first two because it's not inspirational, nor is it somewhat entertaining. It's more just one of those blog posts that if you had an Antoine Dodson kind of day today, too, you could think, "Ugh, I totally know how she feels". So if you're lookin' for something super happy and upbeat, probably go watch video clips from the movie "Enchanted"...or something.

Anyway. So today it was pouring rain. All. Day. Now, don't get me wrong: I normally love the rain. However, sometimes, like today, the rain makes me feel like its just coming down on me yelling, "Just give up now, Kelsey! It's finals week, you stink at relationships, your car registration is TOTALLY expired, AND you look homeless with no makeup on today!" Okay, obviously this is not really how it is, especially since rain is inanimate and therefore doesn't talk. However, this is what it felt like to me today.

I have procrastinated some studying for some of my finals (but really, who doesn't?), and I still have 4 to take in the next three days (I had 7 total). I also always end up finding myself saying the wrong things to. This is the reason I have had Antoine Dodson's crazy voice ringing in my head all day screaming, "You are so dumb. You are really dumb. Fo Real."

However, I've found that things are always okay. Antoine Dodson's sister turned out fine, and so did my day. I     F I N A L L Y   got my dance composition class solo done. I also ended my night with two things I'm sure could help out Antoine Dodson's sister, and that always help my day: Smith's runs with my roommates and friends (it's our local cure-all, "let's go out and do something" place)...especially when your favorite candy bars are buy two get one free, and also McDonald's cheeseburgers from the dollar menu. Yes, I am a dancer and a girly-girl,  and should be one of those health-freaks who counts calories like it's a commandment, but I LOVE cheeseburgers.

So in an effort to make this post not seem totally worthless and a Debbie-Downer, or should I say Johnny-Raincloud, here's a little shout-out to any of you having an Antoine Dodson kind of day: Things will get better. At least you're not REALLY homeless, even if you look the part, like I did today. Now go buy yourself a dollar-menu cheeseburger and hang out with the people who make you happy because in reality even if you feel it, you are so not dumb. You are really not dumb. Fo' real. And that's all.

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