Sunday, July 3, 2011

SOAR: New Feet to Follow...

         This is a very special blog post, because this was a very special week! Way back in February I turned in an application hoping to be selected as one of only 14 counselors at a BYU summer camp called SOAR. I went to SOAR three years ago, and it changed my life; That is when and why I decided I wanted to later be a SOAR counselor. After a lot of interviewing, waiting, and prayers, I got a letter that said I was chosen as one of the 8 girl counselors for the camp. I was actually pretty surprised because there were SO many good candidates for the job. However, I was even more grateful than I was surprised. I just finished my first week as a SOAR counselor (there are 3 sessions). It was one of the greatest weeks ever! As far as the title of this blog...the kids who came to SOAR this last week were AMAZING. I learned so much from them and I realized that although I am older than all of them, I learned SO much from them and I now have about 200 more feet to follow because they were such good examples to me.
        This picture above makes me want to cry. This is my group of girls: "Kelsey's Krew". From left to right is Brette (Tennessee), Chelae (Provo :), Alexis (Kansas), Bethsy (Texas), Nicole (Chicago), Mikayla (Hawaii), and Larissa (Maryland). I LOVE these girls so much. They were so entertaining and have so much to to offer the world. We had so much fun and had many smiles, laughs, and tears (good ones!). We were able to take a trip to Temple Square on one of the days, and it was so great!

                                    At the North Vistor's Center at Temple Square :)

                                                       Love my girls! "Kelsey's Krew!"

                                         We got to meet BYU's president, President Samuelson :)

                                                    This is Josh and his studly group :)

                                    Three of the most amazing people ever: Sam, Estella, and Lisa!

                                      This session was especially fun because Lyd was there!

                                                             Dancing sistas!

      So on the first morning of SOAR, I couldn't find (yeah, I dunno...) one of my contacts. So I got to be glasses buddies with Adam! Don't worry, I found my contact shriveled up on the floor of my dorm later...???

                                          One of my best friends, ever...Mimi, and me :)

                                                                    HSM photo!

                           On our way to the best service project ever. We got to go to a residency for mentally disabled males of many ages. We just hung out with them and got to see some of the biggest smiles of joy that I've ever seen. The van ride was so great on the way there and back. They named themselves "K-dog's Krew!"

                      Another thing I LOVE about my job is my awesome co-workers. Seriously, look how fun!

                                               My funny girls at breakfast one morning :)

             I will be posting ALL the photos from the week on my facebook, so be sure to check there if you want to see more :). This past week really taught me so much about who I am, what I should be, and what I can do with my life. EVERY SINGLE student who came to SOAR was absolutely amazing. I love them all so much and I am SO blessed to have been able to work with them and learn from them. If any of you students are reading this, know how much I love you all, honestly. You all have so much potential; Please work hard to reach that! I'm always praying for you all.

          And to the girls of "Kelsey's Krew", I'll continually be doing "head counts" yall better keep in touch! You are all so beautiful and you all make me smile like crazy. "Kelsey's Krew!" I love you all, and that's all. :)

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