Monday, August 22, 2011

on my mind...

okay. I haven't blogged forever. And I have a post saved in my drafts that will take me forever to finish because it's basically my whole summer summarized (and photos!). However, right now as I'm sitting here in my favorite (for the moment) comfy comfy's (sweat pants...and if you're wondering, they're the boyfriend cut VS sweat pants....GO BUY SOME! BEST EVER!!!), and as I just finished my ice cream I got from the BYU Creamery yesterday while watching a new episode of Criminal Minds (one of my favorite shows!)...There are three things that have been on my mind. So, while I wait for my boyfriend to be done eating dinner (Boyfriend---I'll explain in a later post....Dinner--He's in a hawaii..=4 hr. time difference), I will post via pictures the top three things on my mind that I want right now:

             If you know me, Kelsey, you will know that these were a BAD thing for me to discover tonight because I found them on Ebay for $450 (they're Christian Louboutin's..=Designer brand), they're PINK, they're SPARKLY, And they have my favorite things ever on them...BOWS. Oh boy. :(
          Kelsey loves Cheeseburgers!!!!! Yeah...I don't know where it came from. But I just love cheeseburgers. However, lately I've been trying really hard (okay, besides the ice cream cone I just ate...I'm lonely! Give me a break!) to be healthier...Especially because I'm going to be dancing a lot more when school starts. The worst part is....I made Taylor (boyfriend) promise me he wouldn't let me get one even when I tell him I REALLY want one. He agreed with the understanding that I couldn't do what he knows I would normally do and say, "What, do you think I'm fat??? You think I'm fat! Don't you just like me the way I am??" Yes. I am that much of a girl. But usually I do stuff like that in a kidding way. Usually.

                  Taylor. I miss him!!! Taylor is from Hawaii. Pretty cool, huh? Yeah it's pretty cool except when he goes home for a month. Haha :). Well anyway, I miss him lots! He makes me smile and laugh and I always have so much fun with him. But he'll be back on Saturday....YAY!!!! 

                  Well, if you're reading this (if you made it down this far without wondering WHY you're spending time reading about things that I want right now), I'd like to say, THANKS FOR READING MY BLOG! You make me happy. Yes, you. Whoever you are. And I hope that you feel like you got to know me a little better. These are three things I want right now. And that's all :). 

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