Monday, May 28, 2012


              Hello all! It has been a while since I last wrote! So spring and summer are in the air and I am so excited! I'm not a winter girl AT ALL (I mean, come on, I married a Hawaiian!). Anyway, I only have time for a quick post right now---my poor computer has an evil nasty virus so my cute grandma is letting me use her laptop for a little. Recently I have done LOTS of spring crafts, treats, etc. and I want to share! Here is a small genius idea that we got from Taylor's sister. We (Taylor) were making a dessert that used Cool Whip and we had some extra so Tara suggested we make this:

                  It is soooooooooooo good! Can't say it's the healthiest considering it's mostly Cool Whip, but hey, I'm no advocate for anorexia or eating disorders, so I say EAT IT! I've eaten it with apples and oranges and I like it best with apples. But literally all you do is mix some yogurt with some Cool Whip and there you go! We've only tried it with strawberry yogurt so far, but I'm sure others would work, too! Taylor and I are off to California and Hawaii for a little over a month (wahoooooo!) next week so I am going to try to get all my blogging of ideas you'll hopefully love done by then. Stay tuned for tips on how to make a cute changeable background dry-erase board, D. I. Y. colored jeans, a "sock bun" minus the dirty laundry, and a few other fun spring things!


  1. Darling girl! I am waiting for that diy mint jeans post! love you

  2. Katie! Hello! I am writing it right now. Just for you! (really, though!) :)


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