Saturday, June 9, 2012

Colored Jeans. Happy face.

          Hello everyone! Happy June! I love that it is summer. I have so many things to blog about, so please keep following and giving feedback! Recently I've had so much fun trying new things-- many of which were inspired by Pinterest. Today's post is about D.I.Y. colored jeans. I tried this for myself after finding this gem. I LOVED this cute girl's blog post, but I decided to post about my own experience with it for you all because I did mine a little different and it's good for anyone who doesn't have as much time and doesn't mind spending a little more for pants that already fit.

           So you want colored jeans huh? Here's what you have to do:

*Be willing to experiment. There's not always a guarantee of a perfect outcome, but that's the fun of it.
*Be confident! Colors are so fun, and even if you're nervous to wear a new color as a base, so was everyone else who started the trend!
*If you want it to be a cheap and easy D.I.Y. project, don't be bummed if it's not perfect quality--you're literally saving 40 or 50 dollars.
*If you try this, I want to see what you came up with! It's such a fun thing to do.

            I'm going to make this part simple: Watch.

                                       Gap: $60. Too poor for those. Sad face.

Trip to Wal-mart. $12. I can afford that. Sort of happier face. 

(I can't figure out how to rotate this sorry!) Hobby Lobby dye. $2. 'I hope this works' face. 

I read almost all of the comments on the girl's blog who originally did this, so this is what I decided I'd take a gamble on: 
*filled my washing machine for a SMALL load with HOT water  (it's a top-loader---Whether that matters or not I have no idea)
*added 1/4 c. salt (regular table salt)
*put the pants in
*ran machine for a small colored load (12 minutes--the package says to continuously stir for 15 min, but I was worried about them being too dark, and my colored setting is only 12 min. so that worked for me). 
* When the washing was done I took the pants out. They were kind of a bright green---not what I was hoping for, but I'd still wear them. However, I wasn't done with them yet, so my cute husband reminded me to be patient (love him :) 
*I washed the pants with WARM water, with the settings again set for a small load (12 min). I put a small amount of liquid detergent in (that's just what we use). I just put a regular amount for just washing a pair of pants like normal. 
*When that cycle was done, some of the excess dye had come out and my pants were the perfect mint green I wanted (they have more green in them than the girl's pants in her post---something I was hoping for because I like green). 
*I let my pants hang dry, away from the SUN and NOT in the dryer. 

$14 Mint jeans. Happy face! 

If you love them, that's great, if you hate them, that's fine! But here's what I did and I hope you like it!

*note: aside from actually running a cycle in my wash machine instead of stirring my pants continuously for 15 min., I just followed the directions on the Tulip brand dye package. I wrote them out though just to be thorough. :)
Let me know if you have questions or comments! Feel free to pin this or anything you see on my blog onto Pinterest if you like it! I want to get more followers for more ideas and input!

Kelsey :)


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  2. So cute, girl. I want to try!! P.S. WHERE did you get that white top? It's beautiful!

  3. They look great! I've been wanting the colored jeans too but lamenting their expense. I never thought of coloring them myself! Thankfully, though, I stumbled across a pair at Aeropostale on clearance for $10, I got cheap ones the lazy way! :P

  4. Chelsea, sorry this is a way late response! But it's my little sister's top I stole for a day haha. But she got it at Forever 21 :)

    Rachel, I have purchased some as well as the ones I made, and it is nice to just hand over money and get them already dyed!


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