Monday, June 11, 2012

The "Sock bun"....minus the dirty laundry.

Aloha everyone!

So after arriving too late to check in for our flight to Hawaii yesterday, we were able to get on the next flight after waiting standby. And I'm so happy to say we're finally here! It's been so fun hanging out with Taylor's family---especially the nieces and nephews! I'm especially excited to finally have more time to post the new recipes, crafts, styles, etc. I've been experimenting with.

Today's post is dedicated to those who are still confused about the whole "sock bun" thing...and just for anyone who is interested :) For the past few months (in Utah anyway) the "sock bun" has been the big 'it' thing. What is a sock bun? you might ask. Well, don't feel alone. I have yet to understand it fully either. Click here for a sock bun tutorial. While the idea is creative, I don't always just have a sock with the toe cut out lying around. And I won't even mention the amount of times I've tried this and had it not turn out correct/attractive:

This picture above is a sock bun I found when I Googled sock bun images. 

Here is an alternative method in easy, simple, picture form: 

This is a the magical tool you can use in place of that dirty laundry in your hair. 
Click here to learn more about them from the brand Goody. You can find them at basically any store that has a hair/makeup section. 

Ta-dah! So it has a little different look than the sock bun because I pulled all the sections (that's just my personal preference), but you can really do whatever you want with it. Anyway, there's just a fun idea if you're wanting a quick 'sock bun', messy bun, or anything. Those Good Spin Pins are just little miracles in a package. 

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