Friday, August 3, 2012


Hey guys. Yes I did just post the LONGEST post ever prior to this one, but I am posting again. Taylor is working overnight at the MTC and I don't really like being alone so that is why I am on here, writing to all of you.

Anyway, tonight was really fun. I got to spend time with my old roommate {and former bridesmaid :)} Holly. It was so fun to catch up on each other's lives and just chat. Of course we came upon the topic of dating and marriage (we're young, best friends, and we live in Provo---duh! haha). There was a news segment on about marriage and one woman interviewed said that she would definitely never ever marry, even though she had a daughter to take care of, because she had just had too many bad relationships.

This made me sad to think about because marriage really is so great, but there really are a lot of things that get in the way of the good that marriage can bring. I had a little moment of reflection and thought about this (hence this blog post), and it made me so grateful that I have my husband (yes, this is one of my more lovey-dovey posts, but hey it's my blog right??).

I just barely turned twenty-one, so I'm not that old. But I've had my fair share of sadness, heartbreak, and 'bad relationships'. To be honest there was a time when I never thought I'd find someone whom I could trust enough to give my whole heart to. There were times where I thought that I'd never be good enough for someone who I thought was worth marrying. But it's funny to look back and see that Heavenly Father really does have a plan for each of us. All the experiences I went through up until finding Taylor make me that much more grateful for him.

I used to think I knew exactly what kind of guy I needed. I used to go after those guys...and none of those guys are my husband. Heavenly Father knew my needs better than I did, and he gave me the best thing ever for me: Taylor.

To be honest when I met Taylor I think I was in a state of mind that the lady on the news segment is in now. I was scared of relationships and for the first time in a while I was really content being alone. I really didn't want to take any risks. However, the prince that showed up to my door to ask me to date him was very patient in the making of our 'fairytale'. Any time I had doubts or fear about the future or about making the big commitment of marriage, Taylor was there to calm my fears. Taylor taught me and showed me that just as there are really sad and hard things in life, there are also just the opposite...and little did he know that he was one of those things for me in my life.

I know I've only been married for four months so I might sound like a cheesy newlywed...but I don't really care, so I will continue :). I can't tell you how much I hate cliche sayings...but Taylor really is my best friend. Sometimes it's easy for me to feel down or discouraged with myself, and sometimes I just need to smile. Heavenly Father gave me someone who knows exactly what will make me laugh or smile.

I'm basically here to say that I'm so grateful for Taylor because he has helped me to realize how great life really is. Although there are so many things and reasons out there for people to fear marriage or not believe in it, I'm very grateful that Heavenly Father blessed me with a reason to have faith in it.

This is my late night rant about how much I love and am grateful for my husband. I will now proceed to have a ice cream fudge bar (those are low in calories you know..for real!:). And that's all. :)


Mr. & Mrs. :)


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