Sunday, August 19, 2012


Hey guys. So basically I'm writing to remind myself of things I need to catch up on. And in all honesty I've been avoiding the computer because of the incident. AKA, I had been avoiding blogging about our Hawaii trip only because I wasn't sure how to organize a month's worth of activities. I knew it would take forever. However, with the help of my organize-minded husband (do you understand how we go together now? ...okay I'll tell you. I'm not so organized. Whoops.) Anyway, long story semi-short, I completed that blog post--full of LOTS of pictures that took really long to upload. Then I hit publish. Error. "There was an error while saving or publishing your post. Please try again." Boom. (aka:YOU FAIL, KELSEY. START OVER!) This happened about five times. Anyway, that blog post now exists, but it scared me away from for a while. Because inside I felt like Okay, this is a little dramatic. But it's basically told exactly how it happened.

So since then Taylor and I have just been trying to enjoy extremely lazy schedules (I've been going a little crazy not having a plan of action for every day lately). A few fun things have happened:

The 2012 London Summer Olympics started...and took over our lives! 

I started eating FISH. This was a big deal for me. But I guess marrying Taylor meant it was going to happen eventually. Also, it really was just a start. I ate it drenched in lemon to help with the taste. :) 

I discovered this gem. My sister was having a hard time so I wanted to make her laugh. I loved this! 

Taylor got to experience his first Jones family reunion. 

Taylor got his very first fishing permit. See why I need to get over my hate for eating fish??

Just loved watching him test out the fishing poles! 

We've had a curtain rod up for months...with no curtains. I  finally made the curtains for the lonely curtain rod!!! 

Tay found a new love for puzzles...Starting with this awesome BYU one we got from Costco. Sorry, I just gotta say that I love this boy :) 

Nicole and Glen are in town to visit for a few weeks! This night was so great. All of us Nielsen sisters went out on a secret mission to keep our eye on a certain sibling of ours at a stake dance :) Good thing he doesn't read my blog. shhhh don't tell him! 

Finally invested in some self-defense. And it's PINK!

Okay. Obviously not the most attractive photo. But this photo is important. I've mentioned this a few times, but I hurt my back really bad back in April before finals. I've grown up being a pretty active person--mostly because of dance. So spending the last four months without any exercise at all has been really hard for me but has taught me patience and to love myself no matter how my body is at the moment. However, recently (when I took this photo) I've found that my back is back in (mostly) full commission! Yay!!! The gym is becoming a more regular activity...and I'm so grateful for that! 

FRIENDS!!! Okay, Taylor is and always will be my ultimate best friend. But recently I've had some fun times with some of my other best friends recently after not seeing them for a few months! 

More puzzles!!!!

We attended my cousin Karli and her husband Scotty's Wedding! It was up at Parley's Canyon and it was beautiful! 

So pretty! This is my dad's brother Brad. If you seen pictures of my dad you can probably see the resemblance! 

Well guys, there's a quick update on some fun things. Hope you're all enjoying the last few official weeks of summer!!! Have a good night; I'm going to sleep. And that's all. 


  1. I love your curtains! Those are so cute ! And the fact that you made them!

  2. Thanks Kirstie!!! Taylor bought the fabric for me like a year ago before we were even engaged when he went home for a bit. They were actually super easy to make!


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