Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Favorites

Hey everyone! There's been lots of craziness with politics and other controversies in the world right I just wanted to have post dedicated to HAPPY things. Wahoo! I don't know what has come over me because I've ALWAYS been a summer girl...but guys, I've fallen in love. With fall. I'm obsessed with the yummy smelling fall candles everywhere, comfy clothes, being cozy when it's cold outside, cute decorations, etc. So I'm curious, what are your favorite fall things? Here's a few of mine/here are some updates of late:

So I made the candy corns last year (thank you Pinterest). I like to think my crafting skills have improved since then so I did some minor touch-ups. I wanted to have another Halloween craft, and since we're a poor married couple I wanted to make one using things we already have (yes, we randomly have little googly eyes sitting around...?). So here I introduce you to Mr. mouthless pumpkin :) 

I also wanted to make a fall decoration that I could keep up for Thanksgiving as well, but only using what we already have. They don't look that cool just chillin on this table, but I'll post a pic of them on our wall. I love fall colors so I liked tying that in with some fall leaves as well :) 

FOOD! (of course) 
My mom and I had a little girls night during the Priesthood session of General Conference. My mom made a really good sweet potato chowder. I don't know why but this fall I've been OBSESSED with chowders, soups, curry, etc.! 

That night my mom and I also made this pumpkin spice bread. SOOOO good. message me if you want the recipe! 

Halloween cake pops! Okay I won't lie. I didn't make these, nor have I ever made them before. But one day last week I was just having a really rough day and (of course) one of my visiting teachers just "happened" to stop by with this cute Halloween cake pops! I'm sure she was inspired to stop by. I was very grateful for her thinking of me...and for the pick-me-up treat! 

COUNT CHOCULA!!!! mmmmm. OH my gosh. This cereal is amazing and it only comes out at Halloween time! My sister loves it too (she may or may not stock up every October to hold her over for the year...I just might do that this year!)

Again with the soup. Unfortunately Taylor and I have been sick lately, so one day at school I had the sniffles so I had this yummy chicken noodle soup at school from the Wilk. 

Football! Okay, I won't lie, I haven't always been a crazy football fan. Football was big at my high school so I've always watched games, but I haven't always understood everything (basically my family all wasn't a big deal growing up). This year Taylor and I got sports passes so we can go to every game. It's been fun to watch our friend Kane (#82) play, and it's been fun to understand football a lot more!

What are your fall favorites? If you have any fun recipes or traditions (or costume ideas!) I want to hear them! 

On another note: I've been loving having my Etsy shop. It's been fun to keep up with! I just started making some baby bow headbands. Basically I'm selling baby headbands (stretchy kind) that come with a small bow on a clip. Then I'm also selling baby-sized bows so you can switch the bows out on the headbands! Here's a picture of one. I'm having pictures taken of more tomorrow, so be sure to keep up with the site! I seriously can't believe all the support and love I've gotten from this, so thank YOU for all your support and for spreading the word! 


  1. Looks great! Love the headbands and the crafts!

  2. Thanks Nicole! Oh Katheryn, you are so nice. haha honestly I just got on Pinterest/ have to be creative since crafts can be expensive. I saw on Instagram that quilt you're gonna make. I LOVE the fabric. You'll have to let me know how it goes...I've wanted to make a quilt but I'm afraid it'll be too hard!


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