Wednesday, October 24, 2012

the post with no title

Hey friends :)

         I didn't know what to title this post...hence the title I gave it. Life has been SO busy lately, but it's been so great! Taylor and I pretty much stick to a strict schedule every day--which is new for someone who is free-spirited and has A.D.D. like myself :) I've been doing student teaching with a 7-year-old girls dance class as part of my Methods of Teaching Children Creative Dance class I'm in at BYU. I never thought I'd really like teaching anything...but I LOVE teaching little kids dance. I'm thinking about opening a small after school program (probably for free for the first bit) after I graduate. We'll see :). I've LOVED having my Etsy shop open (sorry if that's a lot of what you see from me right now... :). With being really busy with school and work, it's fun to take just a little time to be crafty and do things that I like to help keep me sane. As mentioned before, I injured my back this past April, and I really haven't danced (minus the student teaching) since then. It's been a lot harder than I thought it would be to kind of give up a big part of who I am for the sake of keeping good health. I've noticed I really have to be careful with what I eat, what I do, and basically just how I take care of my body without having dance to keep me active in my life. However, my friend Holly's sister Emily asked me to choreograph a dance for her to use for her MDT (Music Dance Theater) major audition next month. I've absolutely loved it because it reminds me that even though I can't dance full out right no, I still am a dancer :). I'll see if Emily will let me post her final performance of it to show you.

         This weekend Lydia and her friend Lauren did a little mini photo shoot with my bows and earrings. It's been so fun to see them look pretty legit (the right camera does wonders). My friend Lizzy from Lizzy Jean Photography  is also going to use some of my bows and earrings in some of her photo sessions, so Lydia's mini shoot made me extra excited to see and use Lizzy's photos as well! Lizzy is so talented :)

         I've been doing some fun things with bows lately--some of them for Halloween costumes so you'll have to wait to see those :) I just started making baby bow headbands. I am mostly going to be making these to order, but here's a photo of just a few random ones I made:

         Also, a while back I entered my blog in a little contest on The contest wasn't for a prize, but just for fun. They just turned it into a contest for a prize so they set everyone's votes to zero and the contest goes until November. The contest started yesterday and I was surprised and happy to see that my blog is up at the top, but I still need more votes! The top three winners get money (which we could really use :), so if you have time please vote for 'I just like the 'B'' on the link below! I will warn you that it takes more than just a second because it's kind of set up like a tournament where they give you two blogs to pick between, and you just continue to do so for however long you want. You have to pick a winner for each two and you'll just have to wait until mine pops up. But if you have time I'd appreciate it :) 
click here to vote!

Well I hope you all have a great week! I can't believe it's kind of snowing here today. We'll see how the Hawaiian I live with deals with that :)

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