Saturday, March 15, 2014


2 years ago today I married the most handsome guy with the best smile. It was a bright and sunny day just like today! I'm so grateful to have found someone who is so patient with me and who loves me for who I am. He is always encouraging me to do my best, even if I feel like giving up. He is such a hard worker and has been going to school for over a year straight (including spring and summer semesters) to help make our dreams come true. Even though we usually go in public with him wearing "slippers" (sandals) and me in my girly dressed up clothes, we're a perfect match on the inside. Year 2 was so fun for us. I'm excited for what the future has in store! I love you Taylor!

Here is a video from our wedding day. I am SO happy I had it documented. 

 photo kelseysig_zps6ed78f68.jpg


  1. Happy Anniversary!! You two are so adorable! And the years just get better and better :)


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