Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 15- Hold the Meat, Please

Hello there!

So in case you missed it, we announced here that we're having a baby! I mentioned this on my Instagram (@kbhibbs in case we're not insta friends yet!), but we just wanted to say thank you for all the love and kind words everyone expressed via Facebook, Instagram, our blog, phone calls, texts, etc. as we announced our exciting news! I'm pretty sure everyone loves feeling loved, so it meant a lot to us! We are very excited and the weeks are passing by faster now which is always nice.

This past week was pretty fun! Taylor and I both had MLK day off and Taylor had a little date planned for us. However, my dr. called with information about a prescription for me, and I'd been having some concerns with some symptoms I was having so I brought them up while on the phone with them and they decided to have me come in that day to check things out. So we went to lunch and anxiously awaited our appointment. The appointment went well and baby seems to be doing well also! We spent the evening watching the Bachelor (yes, my husband will watch it with me!) and eating some yummy chocolate cake we bought at a specialty chocolate shop after lunch. Yumm!

Taylor played in a softball tournament for his school this past weekend so we got to spend the day outside in a little chilly but sunny weather, and it was so nice to get outside! Living in a big city (at least where we live right in the middle of the big city) means that we don't get to just hang out outside as much as we could in Provo, where we lived literally across the street from a park and we lived so close to our friends we could just walk places.

I've been having fun with quite a few custom orders for my invite shop , which is a fun hobby for me and a nice way to save up little by little to buy some goods for baby! If you are hosting any showers or parties and are interested in help with invites, let me know!

So for the sake of keeping a history, here's the update from week 15! I'm feeling so much more like my normal self again, which is really nice because I didn't even realize how yucky I was feeling the past few months until it has slowly started to go away! I'm not kidding when I tell you that probably all of November and December our house was a huge mess, my poor husband had to fend for himself for all meals for months because I had no energy to cook and the smells made me feel nauseous, and basically I was a walking yucky zombie. Now I'm slowly starting to be able to eat normal foods, and eating doesn't feel like a chore anymore. I had no appetite for a while but my doctor said I had to make sure to just get the calories in somehow so for a while it was a pain to just think of enough food that would give me the calories I needed. I'm also sleeping better than I was for a few weeks so really, things are going very well right now!

We are so curious to know whether we are having a boy or a girl! Of course we will love our baby either way, but it will be so fun to be able to get to know our baby even more. The end of February can't come soon enough! 
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