Sunday, February 8, 2015


So week 16 came and went, and technically I'm almost 18 weeks now! I kind of used to hate only hearing "I'm (enter amount) weeks" whenever I asked someone how far along they were because it meant nothing to me as someone who hadn't ever been pregnant and therefore had no need to sit and calculate months into weeks (if I was my husband I could do the math fast but that's why we're hoping our baby inherits his or her math skills from dad :)). I just knew people carried for 9 months (lies!!! 40 weeks is 10 months but there's no going back now!) so months was all I wanted to hear. But week 16 was easy since it's divisible by 4 and it hit me that I'm 4 months along! The first couple of months seemed to drag on forever especially since we hadn't really told people, and not much was happening. 

Week 16 was probably the most awkward size-wise. Basically my stomach is not its normal size, but unless you're me and know my body size really well you wouldn't really know that the extra "roundness" going on in my torso area isn't normal. So basically I looked like I just kind of let go of myself a little, while everyone continued to tell me how I don't look pregnant at all, so I just kind of felt fat and confused. And hungry. Because as of late I'm always hungry. 

Speaking of eating, I devoured more avocados during week 16 than I can remember. And they were delicious, but as of now that ship has sailed and every day something different sounds good. It's been an interesting couple of weeks! 

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