Monday, February 9, 2015

Week 17- Movement?

First, don't worry, my blog will be more than just weekly updates. I have some other posts coming soon. But I promised myself I would document pictures and information (hence the little picture/info collages) because if I don't it'll just fall on the list of things I start and doing finish (sadly, there is an unofficial list). And don't mind the awkwardness of some of these photos or the fact that I (just realized) I wear stripes probably way too much. But that's the beauty of this being my're only reading it if you choose to :) 

So anyway, week 17 was kind of a turning point as far as me actually feel like things are changing and things are feeling more real. I have more of a bump than just the chub that I mentioned in Week 16. It looks a little bigger here because we had just eaten so things were expanded anyway, but there is a bump. Which is exciting but definitely weird to see. 

I also think I felt some movement this week! I am envious of the people who KNOW that they're feeling movement, but considering the fact that this is the first time I've had a human being growing inside of me, sometimes I can't tell what I'm feeling because ever since I found out I was pregnant I've just accepted that my body is just going to look and feel different than normal. But I have felt some jabs multiple times throughout the day for a few days which is exciting! 

As mentioned in the picture, I've grown to be more antsy than normal. I found this blog post  that totally described how I felt. In the beginning you see the Dr. just every few weeks, and so much can happen and change during that time so it's scary just hoping everything is going to look OK the next time you go in. 

I've also become antsy and a little impatient about finding out the gender. I almost feel like I have to apologize for saying that because nowadays I should say something "politically correct" like "our baby isn't defined by its gender so gender doesn't matter to us".....but we all know that I'm not that person, and that I'm not one to just buy everything gender neutral :). Of course we will and do love our child either way, but finding out the gender means we get to know our little one more and we can start planning for things like names, decor, etc. which are some fun and exciting things! 

In case you're wondering why we're waiting until 20 weeks, that's when insurance covers the ultrasound because it's considered medically necessary since 20 weeks is when you do the anatomy scan to check the baby's growth. We decided not to shell out $100 to find out a few weeks early so we're just kicking it old school I guess :).

Anyway, that being said, I'm trying really hard to be patient! But we are so excited to be able to see our little baby again on the ultrasound and see if baby is a he or a she! Aside from the growing belly, I feel pretty much like my normal self, just a little lot more emotional than normal :). 

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