Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 21-Pictureless

Week 21 came and went without me even thinking about taking a picture, but that's ok! Week 21 has kind of meshed with 20 and 22 (and, let's be honest, they probably all mesh together to most people, but the OCD in me can't skip a week). Week 21 is when I finally felt like I was "showing". Being pregnant is weird because it's a time when it's "free game" for people to comment on your physical appearance--tactfully or not. In my semantics and pragmatics class (shout out to Dr. Oaks) for my major at BYU, we talked about pregnancy being a time when people feel comfortable to talk to a complete stranger when normally we as humans keep to ourselves, as well as feeling like commenting about someone's body (and sometimes making physical contact (such as touching someone's stomach) is A-OK when normally those things aren't socially acceptable. The most frequent comment I hear nowadays when people hear that I'm expecting is, "you don't even look pregnant", which is understandable considering there are people as far along as I am who look way "more" pregnant, but in my head I think these people are crazy because I know my body well and know that I definitely do indeed look pregnant. But don't worry if you're one of these people, I'm not offended, I mostly just want people to know I didn't just let go of myself haha :).  I've been in maternity jeans for a while because I normally hate jeans in general because I like being comfy, but this week I started buying more maternity clothes, which really are so comfy and fun. No complaints over here!

We took a trip to Utah between this week and week 22. It was really, really nice to take a break from our busy and crazy lives in Houston and have a nice, slow-paced week in Provo. I really missed that place. We did plenty of eating that I'm sure I'll hear about at my next appointment :/.

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