Monday, March 16, 2015

Week 22-UTAH!

As mentioned in my last post, we took a trip to Utah during Taylor's spring break! I was so grateful we got to take a trip home even just for a week. My sisters (and really all my family) threw a shower for me that I'll definitely post about later because it was super cute and perfect. People were so generous, and I loved being able to see so many people I grew up with and became friends with living in Provo for so long. We got a lot of stuff for baby girl, and it really made me feel like this is real, and that in just 4 short months we will have another little human living with us! 

Taylor hasn't been able to feel very many kicks so far (even though I am able to feel them all the time!), but this week he was able to feel his 3rd kick! Being pregnant can be kind of isolating in that it's just your body that is physically feeling the effects of growing a little person, so I love being able to share part of that with Taylor when he is able to feel her move. 

I feel like I am 99% back to normal eating-wise which is SO SO SO nice. I felt like a psycho person every time I went to eat because my appetite changed every meal for the first 20-ish weeks of pregnancy, which is a long time to not feel like yourself. I say I feel 99% normal because I didn't realize my gag reflex isn't quite normal until I went to change my nephew's diaper (let's just say it definitely wasn't #1). Normally diapers don't bug me, but I almost lost it, which was a nice little reminder that I'm still not my normal self, but that's OK because baby girl is worth it :) 

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