Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 25- Pregnancy Brain

Don't mind that I look tired in this picture...because I have been very tired lately! This pregnancy is honestly flying by! I always felt like time passed quickly when I had friends who were pregnant, and occasionally I'd say "wow, that went by fast" when it was time for their delivery....and later I'd realize it probably didn't go by fast for them and they probably wanted to smack me haha. But really things have gone by fast for me! I think I've just become used to being pregnant and not being the only one affecting what happens with my body, so time just flies by. 

Lately I've found myself getting tired more easily, and I have to take a break off my feet if I've been on them all day (generally I am because I nanny). Houston is also heating up quickly, complete with the retched humidity (I miss my dry Utah!), so that's made my hands and feet swell sometimes. I am still hearing "oh, you don't even look pregnant!"...which, again, confuses me. But really, I get it in that sometimes if I'm not wearing something that definitely shows that I'm pregnant, it's not super obvious because I don't have a petite body so it doesn't stand out as easily. But something I've learned about pregnancy, or rather something that I've been reminded of, is that we all have different bodies, and our bodies know what they need! So for me, this is how my body adjusts for pregnancy! 

This week I was driving to a girls night so naturally I had my music turned up since it was just me in the car, and I started feeling baby girl moving like crazy! I thought it was just a coincidence, but later when I turned the same song on and played it loud (I did this one or two other times) and she did it again! Taylor and I argue about whether she is practicing her dancing or doing soccer drills. I guess only time will tell :). 

Side note: as mentioned below, pregnancy brain is 100% real. I have so many moments where I forget little things, can't think of a certain word I want to use, etc. which drives me crazy! I have to make sure I write things down and keeps lists otherwise I will forget them! 

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