Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Baby Girl's Update Pictures!

So this whole pregnancy people have asked to see pictures of my "bump" and asking how I'm doing, but I thought it would be fun to show the progress of the little one who is the reason for the changes in my body and life--our baby! I'm not the only one getting bigger in this body!

I know each clinic does things a little differently, but I was surprised to find out that generally, there are only a few ultrasounds done throughout the entire pregnancy for most women! However, we've had one or two more than some people get up until this point for various reasons, and I've been so grateful because it's so fun to see her grow!

~7 Weeks:
This was from my very first appointment when we went to to confirm pregnancy! I was so nervous because at the time I didn't "feel" pregnant--I was just going off of what a little stick said, so I was hoping it was really true! They took us in a little room and did the ultrasound. The nurse had to point out what I was supposed to be looking at (the little 'bean' inside the sac) because it was so tiny and I didn't know what I was seeing haha. Even at just under 7 weeks, we could see a little heartbeat beating quickly. It was so exciting to see this little tiny life that was already so real no matter how small. 

10 Weeks:
Can you believe the difference in this ultrasound just three weeks after the first one?! Obviously you can see they zoomed up a little in this one, but you can actually see her body formed and even her little hand! Since I wasn't quite as far along as I thought I was at the first appointment (I thought I was 8 weeks but was actually just under 7), they had me come back once more just to double check the pregnancy looked good and healthy! This was my favorite picture forever because, again, she was tiny but she was a real baby and you can totally see that in this picture. 

20 Weeks: 
OK I'm sure everyone is sick of hearing how excited I was for 20 Weeks , but this was the best! At the anatomy scan they go through and measure baby and make sure everything looks on track! It was incredible to see her progress since the last ultrasound 10 weeks earlier. At this ultrasound they told us our girl has long legs (like her mama!). It was so fun to be able to see her development since all I normally see is how I'm affected by it on the outside. I love the bottom ones where we see her little feet. 

24 Weeks: 
As I mentioned here , my doctor wanted to follow up on a couple things from the last ultrasound (everything looks good :)), so we got to get this extra ultrasound. It's not shown in one of these, but we got to see her little face and she has chubby cheeks! It was adorable! In the third picture down you can see her foot is up by her head, which makes my argument of her being a dancer a little stronger :). The bottom picture is her foot and she totally has Taylor's feet.

I loved sitting yesterday and comparing all these ultrasounds as I took these photos. It is crazy to think about our girl's development since her very first "photo".  There is a lot of debate today about whether or not abortion should be legal, or if and when a fetus is considered a live human being. And I have to say I have never felt more strongly that sweet little babies are live human beings all the way through pregnancy. I'll just be a little real here and say that I have always been pro-life for multiple reasons, but watching our baby girl's heartbeat for the first time at just 7 weeks, and now being able to feel her kick like crazy and very strongly (she made my laptop move on my lap yesterday!), I personally believe the life of an unborn baby is just as valuable as that of people who are born. I'm so grateful for our sweet girl. She gives me so much hope when life gets hard, and I just can't wait to meet her and raise her. 
                                                      photo kelseysig_zps6ed78f68.jpg

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