Thursday, May 19, 2011

"I pity the fool"...

My dad with Nicole (left) and me (right)
       This post is inspired by a note that I recently found from my dad. He wrote it way back in 2003, so I've read it before, but I had put it away somewhere and didn't find it again until recently. My dad was the sweetest and most thoughtful and caring man on Earth. He loved (and I know STILL loves) his family more than anything. One thing that he was very, very, particular about was his daughters (there are four of us). As I've mentioned before, I've never been bitter about the early passing of my dad, but there are always things that are sad to think about sometimes. One of them is the fact that he isn't here to watch me date or get married.
      My dad raised me well, especially when it came to showing me how girls should be treated by boys. He'd always talk about how he'd never let me go on a date because I was his little girl. I've mentioned before that my dad passed away a week after I turned sixteen, which means (because I am LDS) he never saw me go on a date. He's never been here to see me off to prom, "interview" my dates, or be there for me when one breaks my heart. Don't get me wrong, this post is definitely not to make anyone feel sorry for me, I'm just explaining an aspect of my dad's death that I didn't initially realize that I would have to deal with.
      Even though my dad is not on Earth, I still live by what he taught me as far as what I should expect from boys whether it be just a friend, a date, a boyfriend, or someone I may marry. I remember my older sister Nicole got picked up for a date once and, of course, my dad watched out the window to make sure the guy opened her door for her. The guy didn't open it. Big mistake. My dad took it upon himself to make sure his little girl was taken care of. He walked outside and opened the door for her.
      I did get one experience with my dad as far as dating goes: the day of my 16th birthday. It was a Sunday. My dad was in the garage looking for something when a boy whom I had a crush on brought me flowers for my birthday. All I remember was my mom smiling after the boy left and she said to me, "Well, we better go show your dad." I just shook my head because I knew he'd make a big deal out of it. My dad ALWAYS tried to convince me that every boy I ever came in contact with was in love with me (he was nice enough to tell me that even when I was in the WAY awkward stage..haha. But really, we're talking suuuuper awkward). My mom I and walked in the garage and she said, "Eric, your daughter has something to show you." I reluctantly walked into the garage with a smirk on my face and the pretty Gerber daisies the boy gave me. My dad stared blankly at me, dropped his tools he was holding, and started shaking his head and muttering things to himself angrily while gritting his teeth. If you know my dad, you can probably picture this perfectly. Of course, he was happy for me in reality, but he always made a huge deal of things when it came to boys.
       Sometimes I forget that even though my dad isn't here, I still have a dad...A very protective, loving, and strong one, too. In his note he talked about how much he loves me and told me to never forget how much I mean to him.. At the end of every note he ever gave me (my dad would always just write little nice random notes) he'd always beg me to NEVER forget how much he loves me. Sometimes I feel like it's a tender mercy from the Lord that my dad wrote the ends of his notes that way because he's not here to tell me that now, but reading those notes over and over now makes me feel like he is here telling me he loves me. Of course, he mentioned boys in the note and told me, "I honestly pity the fool who EVER hurts my little girl in ANY way." I know that sounds so simple and kind of silly, but it makes me happy to be reminded that I still have him on my side. Right now in my life I definitely appreciate having a dad like mine.
        I think everyone finds confidence in knowing their dad is there to be there for them, protect them, and offer guidance. I have gained such a strong testimony of the Plan of Salvation because of my dad. It's funny because even though he's not technically here...I know that he's still DEFINITELY here. I see things almost every day in my life that remind me of him. I'll have dreams of him. Many decisions I make are because of him. He is one of the big reasons for why I want to be married in the temple; I know how important it is to be sealed to those whom you love. I'm so happy that I am my daddy's little girl. He is one of the reasons I am who I am. He is the reason I know things will be okay when my heart is broken. He is the reason I try my best in life, because I cannot wait until I get to see him again :). He's always watching me, and everything in my life. So for those of you boys who think you're off the hook, think again! Haha :). This is my blog post inspired by my dad, who "pities the fool". And that's all. :)

                              My dad with Nicole on one of his hunting trips :)

   My dad, Nicole, and her friends at her b-day party. He made a HUGE deal of birthdays.

 My dad and me June 2007

                       My 16th birthday :) July 15, 2007. Right after the garage incident. :)


  1. Hey Kelsey! I just though I'd let you know that I love reading your blog :) super cute!

  2. Thanks for posting! This was beautiful! I love reading about your dad.

  3. you guys are so nice! I'm happy some people like reading it! :) love you guys:)

  4. I seriously just cried. Your dad was probably the coolest guy I ever knew. Sleepovers at your house were always so fun when we were little. I love you Kels!

  5. awww andrea. you're cute :) I'm glad you got to know him, you probably understand this post pretty well hahaha :)


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