Monday, May 2, 2011

Proud to be an American...

         I know that I just barely put up a post. And by just barely I don't mean it in how sometimes I'll say, "Ya, she just barely left an hour ago!". It was probably a minute ago. However, this post felt important to me, and it is very close to my heart.
         This year marks the ten-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks in the USA. I was ten years old.I was a fifth-grader getting ready to go to school when my mom was eating her breakfast and became devastated by the falling buildings being shown on The Today Show, which was on at our house every morning. The most prominent memory I have of that day is chaos. Chaos is the word. I remember just being confused about why everyone everywhere was SO panicked, especially all the way over here in Utah on the west coast. I didn't understand the 'attack' part of the attacks. I didn't understand who would do that or why that would happen. At first I thought it was just an accident. I learned throughout that day of the unity of our country, and of the sacrifice that was and would be made for our country by the U.S. military.
          This blog post is just a small message to share my gratitude for those who serve for our country. My Grandpa Nielsen was in the U.S. Army. My Grandpa Galan is an ex-U.S. Marine and served in Vietnam. My uncles Perry and Paul Galan are on active duty in the U.S. Army. Paul is currently deployed for a year in Afghanistan...for the second time in three years. They all have a wife and kids. My cousin Leslie's husband, Don Barrand, is an ex-Marine and was also deployed for some time during his service. A guy whom I dated, and one of my best friends, Kade Pedersen, is on active duty as a U.S. Marine.
          I have grown up hearing about, watching, and experiencing things that have to do with the military and the things that the troops do for our country. However, after recently dating someone, long distantly, who is on active duty, I have an even greater appreciation and a very small understanding of what those in the military really do for our country. So this blog post is to thank the people whom I know, as well as all those whom I don't know, and all of their loved ones, for what they do. It's amazing, and I'm so grateful for them all. I don't know how they do it, but I'm glad they do what they do. I'm very, very be an American. And that's all.

My Uncle Paul, Grandpa Galan, and Uncle Perry

My cousin-in-law Don..far right. :)

PFC Pedersen, USMC

Thank you all! :)

***I do not currently have a photo of my Grandpa Nielsen from when he was in service, but when I find one, I'll post it!

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  1. Ok.. first of all.. YAY America! Secondly, you were in 5TH GRADE?!?! I was a Junior in high school!!!! I feel so old...


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