Friday, April 4, 2014

On The Hunt

Happy April! If you're in Utah, you probably needed this reminder that it is actually April. Hello snow and rain??

So, we are currently on the hunt for housing in Houston, but today I'm talking about another hunt I'm on!

Today's post is brought to you by my desperate/clueless girly self..? Yes. I'm on the hunt for a few new "essentials" and I've come to the point where I just need any and all suggestions!

Ok, first of all---face wash and moisturizer!! I've been blessed to have pretty clear skin, but I still want to take care of my skin so that it can age well and be healthy. I've been trying lots of different kinds and I'm just looking for more suggestions to try!

Second--Mascara!! This has been a real struggle for me! My eyelashes are about as straight as they come, so I'm a firm believer in a lash curler (except a few blogs once told me to put my hair dryer to my curler to basically get the "curling iron" effect for my hello burning metal on my eyes?? That was a horrible idea. I probably did it wrong though)...and of course a great mascara is necessary. All you bright-eyed beauties/eyelash Yodas, share your knowledge!

Third--Foundation!! I have the hardest time matching foundation to my skin, and also not feeling like I have caked on makeup. What are your favorites? Like I said I feel like I have pretty good skin, but I just need to highlight that and even things out sometimes. And I HATE feeling sticky.

Oh, and lip color. I want to be more adventurous. But I'm a whimp. You guys obviously know what I look like, so um, suggestions on colors?

Well now that you know all my deep dark secrets, we can be even better friends, right?? Oh, and I want to try out things you guys recommend...and I'll report later. But no guarantee on any beauty posts, because we all know how awkward I feel about doing those types of things.

Also, I'm on the hunt for some shoes for graduation. Here are some I've been looking at but I'm convince I can get them at an even better deal. Where are your favorite places to find shoes?

Spring Wedges

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  1. Girl, heating the eyelash curler is the REAL DEAL. I get mine pretty hot and then let it cool just enough that I can touch it to my cheek/fingers without flinching away. Such a huge difference!

    1. That's what I figured!! I better try it again. Haha I don't use a blowdryer much so the whole thing was a task for me to get it out, use it, and not burn myself with the curler haha. I'll try again!

  2. I am also on the hunt for good face wash and moisturizer. Good stuff is hard to find! I am in love with Clinique mascara. I have no idea which kind, but the tube it light green with a silver cap. I love it, but I hate having to buy it at an actual makeup counter...they always try to sell you more stuff! For foundation, my fave is Covergirl TruBlend. I was going to put a link to it, but can't see the one online that I buy. It comes in a tube with a light green lid. It is really lightweight, but I do like to pair it with powder from the same line. The powder link is below. I buy this stuff at WalMart and there is a way bigger selection than what's online. Good luck!

    1. Hey! Thank you so much!! This is really helpful. I love hearing what others use and what they like because it saves me the time of trying them all until I find the ones people like! I'll have to try these and let you know how they go!

    2. So I was wrong about the foundation. I use Covergirl NatureLuxe. But the powder is the TruBlend! Can't wait to hear what you try and what you like best.

  3. i wrote you this whole big comment and then accidentally deleted it!!! :( gah. so i will just list products i love and if you have questions, just ask me :) haha but i post about my favorite beauty products every month, so you should check them out!

    face wash: philosophy's purity one-step facial cleanser (a little expensive, but WORTH IT. gentle but deep cleaning).
    mascara: benefit's "they're real" (expensive, but truly, truly amazing. biggest different i've ever seen in my lashes aside from extensions), loreal voluminous lashes (i'm not positive that's the name. it's voluminous something. dark grey bottle, gold lid. cheaper, but works great), or honestly the cheapy, classic from maybelline in the pink and green bottle! i think it's called great lash. it's surprisingly awesome.
    foundation: revlon age defying cc cream (white bottle, shiny red lid. any bb or cc cream would be awesome for you since you have clean skin and just want an even skin tone)
    foundation: bare minerals foundation (guaranteed match to your skin tone, not cakey, awesome coverage, lasts forever)
    lips: i love everything in the revlon color-stay balm stain crayon things. from the original line i use "cherish" - a really perfect pink, and from the lacquer line i love "coquette" - brighter, bolder pink with some shimmer. i also just got nyx matte lipstick in indie flick and it's the BRIGHT orangey-red and i was super nervous thinking i'd never wear it, but i LOVE it. it's gorgeous, and great formula. also, in the loreal colour riche lipstick, their "magenta" is this bright pink/coral and i am obsessed with it.

    1. hey girl!! So sad about your comment! that's the story of my life haha. Thank you SO much for all this!! this is really great. I'm going to have to go shopping and test out some of these! I'm especially excited about the foundation and the lip suggestions cause I've never ventured out much with either of those. And yes I'll definitely check out your blog for those posts! thanks girl!! :)


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