Monday, January 6, 2014

Goals for 2014

I've been thinking about "New Year's Resolutions" lately, and I've decided it's a love/hate relationship. I love them because it's always good to make new goals for yourself, and while many people think it's dumb that people "have to wait" until the new year to start being better, I think hey, at least people are trying to change, right?? However, I hate the connotation of the phrase. It's almost cliché to talk about New Year's Resolutions because it's almost a joke that no one ever keeps them. So I've decided to just use the word goal instead, because then it's just like any other goal I make, but it's made at the new year! Here are some of my goals for this year:

#1. I've always struggled a little with confidence with my body because, well, who doesn't? When I was working on my dance minor in college (feels weird that I can say that in the past tense now!) one of my favorite teachers gave us this really neat object lesson during one of our regular dance days. Being a dance teacher, I'm sure she's come across all sorts of people who have complaints about their bodies. Anyway, she brought in at least 30 different containers, bottles, etc. that were originally ketchup, syrup, peanut butter, etc. bottles & containers. She had us look at them all and talk about them all. We came to the conclusion that though all the containers were different, they all served a purposed and had value in some way. She talked about how we all need to understand that though our physical 'containers' are different, they all have something inside them, and that it's not all about what the outside looks like. I always try to remember this lesson when I'm struggling to love my 'container'. I've mentioned before that I've had some severe back problems the past couple years that have limited my physical activity, which has consequently altered my physical appearance a little (not so toned here or there, for example). It's been hard for me to still be grateful for my body since all growing up I've always been active. It's so hard in today's day and age to not compare ourselves to others (thank you, Hollywood). I never realized the harm I was doing to myself when I thought negatively about my body until I started vocalizing my complaints when I got married. It's different when there's someone there to really hear what you're saying about yourself. Taylor has really helped me to understand that I can't say negative things about myself if I want to be happy with myself. All I can do is change my attitude and do the best I can to be healthy. I've also continued to remind myself that healthy doesn't always mean skinny. While there is nothing wrong with being small, everyone is built different. I'm 5'9" and I know that I was not made to be a size 2, so for me healthy doesn't mean a specifically small size. So this goal #1 for 2014 is obviously something I've already been working on, but I think this will probably be on my list for the rest of my life because I think it's something you always have to work at. I want to love my body when I'm the size I am now, when I gain or lose weight (obviously in a healthy manner), and even (& especially) when I'm pregnant and have kids, which explains the "in all its stages" part of the goal. 

#2 Sadly this is something I've always had to work at! I'm not a big reader in the first place, but I have a strong testimony of reading the scriptures (more specifically the Book of Mormon), so this is a very important goal to me. So far I've kept up with it! So what if it's only been 6 days...

#3 If you know me you know that I can be a very opinionated person. However, I very rarely feel confident enough to share my opinions and beliefs with people outside my husband, and close family and friends (obviously there is a right time and place for this) because in today's world there will always be someone who is offended. I've come to understand that my beliefs and opinions about a lot of things in life are generally not very popular among most people in the world. However, I don't feel like that should mean that I need to keep my mouth closed because what I believe isn't popular. This does not mean I have any intentions of putting controversial Facebook statuses up all the time (that seems to be a thing these days), but I want to be able to at least come here to my blog (where people are choosing to read what I write) and share what I believe at times. 

#4 If you are at all a frequent "follower" you'll know that it isn't unlike me to be posting about Christmas in June...I can get really behind. I like writing and keeping a history of our story (I really want to print our blog in a book each year), so I really want to get on top of blogging. I've come across some fun people in the blogging community, so that has gotten me interesting in continuing as well. So, hopefully I'll be writing at least weekly. Hope you don't get sick of me! 

#5 I've seen a lot of bloggers making a "25 before 25" list lately. Basically it's a list of 25 things you want to do before you're 25. I'm only 22 so hopefully I can get some fun stuff in before then! I'll be working on this list and sharing it soon! 

#6 I created Just Buttons & Bows a little over a year ago, and I've had so much fun with it. My cute grandma always tells me that "it's all about the accessories". I truly believe this (and I love making bows). It's been a little crazy running this shop (and now INKH.Designs as well) while going to school and working, so now that I'm done with school (and currently looking for a job) I'm excited to do more with it. I really want to expand my product (headbands, baby bows, maybe bow ties). I also want to get my brand out there by sending bows to bloggers for reviews! We'll see how this goes! 

So there are some of my goals! I continue to think of more things I want to work on, but those were some that I thought would be fun to share here. I am really interested in others' goals, so if you want to share, I want to hear! 

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