Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Liebster Blog Award

Dear 'I Just Like the "B"' readers,

I welcome you to the Liebster Blog Award ceremony....hope you're dressed for the occasion. :)

My adorable friend Katie over at ktandcamsmith awarded me the Liebster blog award. I feel so special. Really. Haha. I love to write and share fun things, so I'm glad at least one person other than myself enjoys it as well :)

{no this is not an award ceremony for's just how this got started. Don't judge, just keep reading}

In German, Liebster means {beloved, dearest, or favorite}.

Katie is an amazing dancer, good friend, and just so fun to be around. She's also hilarious. Thanks, Katie, for the award!

I have awarded the following people this award:

1. Nicole Nielsen Ellsworth, my older sister. She's so good at documenting her life and especially sharing pictures. She's the best traveler I know, and quite domestic. She always has something fun and new to look at on her blog. Click here to check out her blog!

2. Audrey Pedersen over at her blog  also gets this award. She has the most adorable child ever! Audrey gave birth to sweet Darbi {see below} extremely premature and I've been amazed to watch how well Audrey and her husband Clint have done to raise such an amazing child regardless of a rough beginning. Audrey is the cutest scrapbooker, crafter, styler, etc. Check her blog out!

3. Kelsie Stuart and her cute blog are also receiving this award. Kelsie and I were roommates before I got married. Kelsie is sooo crafty and is a great writer. Go read and follow!

4. Brielle Story over at Story's From the Crypt was an easy candidate for this award. Brielle and her husband spent a few months living in a morg. Literally. She shared some pretty interesting stories and experiences during that time.  I'll just leave it at that so you're forced to go read!

5. Last but not least, I give this award to my cute friend Katie Ashby over at her blog . As I was trying to figure out who to give the last spot to, I read her most recent post and I just love how honest she is. Plus she always has fun new crafts, recipes, etc. Go read and follow!

In order to accept the award: 
1. Link back to the person who gave it to you. Make sure you are a
 follower of the person who gave you the award.
2. Post the award to your blog.
3. Give the award to at least 5 bloggers with less than 200 followers.
4. Leave a comment on the 5 blogs to let them know that they have 
been offered this award.

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