Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Comfy Comfy's & Mowgli hair {updates}

Hey everyone, I'm working on posting the rest of our summer trip, my birthday, etc. For today, however, I just have some quick catching up to do. Taylor just got a job doing security at the MTC (Missionary Training Center for LDS missionaries :), and I just had an interview for a new job today, but I won't hear back for a few weeks. We'll see! Today I bought a pattern for a quilt so that I can make use of all the scraps I have from different sewing projects. I sure hope it actually turns out. We'll see how that goes! I'm also working on some cute drapes for our living room. I am having a hard time knowing what to do now that we're not traveling like crazy, but it's nice to have some time to catch up on cleaning, laundry, and especially crafts!

Hopefully soon (ish) I'll be able to show you a picture of a lovely quilt made out of allll these scraps.

Real quick. Yesterday was July 24. We had a lot of fun at the Orem Owlz game with friends. I wasn't able to see fireworks live (we watched them on TV haha) for the fourth of July, so when I found out there would be fireworks after the Owlz game, we just had to go. 

 There was some wind and rain, which inspired some cozy male bonding {above}, as well as a makeshift tent with an extra blanket we had {below}.

This is Andrea and Bo. They are some of my best friends. And oh, so cute together :)

Yesterday was also an important day in my life---not having anything to do with pioneers, though. A year ago yesterday, Taylor came over to my apartment to do 'laundry'. His apartment didn't have a washer and dryer, so I would often let him use my apartment's. While yes, he did do laundry that day, soon after he arrived I found that he had an alternative motive. My young girl (ha ha, okay it was only a year ago, but 'young girl' makes it sound more romantic) dream of having Taylor come and confess his love for me came true! Although, he didn't tell me he loved me (obviously, that'd be a little bit creep status----too fast), and he didn't exactly tell me his feelings in a traditional way. You see, I often joke about my appearance when my hair is unkempt and a little crazy for whatever reason. I did this a lot during SOAR because we didn't always have time to get as 'ready' as we'd like because we had early mornings and late nights as counselors. During my freshman year of college I earned the nickname Mowgli (yes, as in the little orphaned, shirtless boy in the Jungle Book) because I used to dance with my hair down in class (when my hair was not as long as it is now) and it would get messy. Hence, I looked like a little boy who climbed trees with messy hair and sang about the 'bare necessities' of life with a large, friendly bear. Anyway, the other important information for this story is that if you know me you know (if you don't, you know now) that I love my 'comfy comfy's'. AKA sweats. My sophomore year of college I was dancing ALL the time at school so when I got home nothing sounded better than putting on a very large pair of sweats and just being 'comfy'. However, the name 'comfy comfy's' was a better name to me than just 'comfy'. 

Me wearing some comfy comfy's {above} and an example of Mowgli hair {below}

                                    {This was on a hike up the 'Y' mountain during SOAR}
So instead of telling me, "Kelsey, I like you. I want to date you." Taylor told me--as he referred to me in third person-- that he liked a girl who rocked Mowgli hair and who liked to wear comfy comfy's. And it's all history after that. 

It's just crazy to think how life can be so different after only a year. A year ago I would never had thought that on July 25, 2012--one year later-- I'd be sitting in my apartment {one that I share with a boy instead of the usual girls I lived with}, blogging about my married life adventures, and taking care of wife duties. While I may not have expect these things to happen, I sure am glad that they did. And that's all. :) 

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  1. Two things:
    1. I recognize some of that fabric from last summer.
    2. I remember that day too! It was so exciting! It really is crazy how much can change in a year. I am so happy for you Kelsey!


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