Tuesday, July 17, 2012

K&T Adventure part 1.

Hello everyone! As you may have noticed, I've done some renovations on my blog...hope you like it! Taylor and I are spending our last night away from home for a while tonight at my aunt and uncle Julie and Peter's home in San Clemente, California. If you're a friend or frequent follower you've probably known we've been doing a little traveling lately. A few of my family and friends have been asking to see pictures of events here and there and of course I want to share, but it's going to take a while, so I hope you like fun stories and pictures!

Part one: Driving from Utah to California

Taylor and I originally planned to leave Utah to go visit home in Hawaii asap after my little sister Lydia graduated from high school in May. However, our plan changed when one of Tay's good friends and former groomsman asked Taylor to be in his wedding line in June. Instead of flying to Hawaii from Utah, we packed my little four-cylinder Lancer and drove ten hours to stay here at my aunt and uncle's house in San Clemente. We spent a few days just chilling here, going to the beach and pool, and we attended my cute cousin Morgan's high school graduation. On our last day in California we got to attend our friends Kaneakua and Rachel's wedding ceremony and reception in Newport. Here are some photos to show the fun first part of our first married roadtrip:

          My crafty husband prepared a couple days before graduation and made Lyd a cute sign

                                                    The graduate, Lydia!

 Tay and Lyd with the sign (my dad's nickname for Lydia was Lady Bug)


 She's going to be mad I posted this, but Lyd's "best friend" Colby is serving a mission in Canada. He's a BYU athlete, so Lyd sports his wristbands many times. I made her take this picture. Cute, right?

Taylor and I both picked a big treat from Costco to bring for the roadtrip. I loooove chocolate covered raisins. 

 Although we'd already been married for about three months, we had to bring my wedding dress with us for our wedding reception (note: reception not open house...stay tuned because it was legit)

Check this out. Taylor and I needed just a couch to sleep on for a few nights before going to Hawaii, but my aunt and uncle gave us the cutest beach-themed room to stay in. When we got there my cute aunt Julie had put together this whole welcome tray for us. We used it all! (Note: the little blue bottle on the left-hand side behind the lip balm and next to the water is some Downy wrinkle spray. It works like a charm! Definitely buying more when we get home.) 

{Click on the Downy picture above to learn more about the product..it's amazing!]}

                     I just love him so much. That's all.

                       Loved the bedding. 

               Tay and I made a sign for Morgan's graduation, too. 

                       Taking some of our 'hotel' room treats to the graduation. 


 We had some delicious food at my aunt and uncle Priscilla and Steve's home before the graduation. 

                                      The graduation 

                     Morgan is the one with the adorable glasses waving. 

                                 The graduation was complete with fireworks. 

                          Morgan and her brother Aiden. I love this photo! 

The wedding. This couple is adorable! Not to mention extremely good looking. 

 Tay and Kane have been friends since high school.

 Cutest groomsman I've ever seen :)

 Kane & Rachel and her sisters

 If you're friends with me on FB you probably saw a while ago (because I probably blew up your wall) that I was in a contest to win a free Mikarose dress. This is the dress I won. I'm obsessed with floral print.

 We had some extra time before the reception so we put together a cute little package for Kane and Rachel's honeymoon (no, it wasn't dirty, just romantic :)

 I LOVED this groom's cake for Kane. Kane plays football for BYU and he's from Hawaii. Rachel is also a swimmer (she swam at BYU) so she's rocking the swimsuit on the cake as Kane struts the football uniform. Loved it! If you like it, pin it. I'm sure whoever made it would be flattered haha. This inspired me to go into cake making...for a second.

 Their party favors (those are sort of a big deal in Hawaiian culture I found out) they had cute little buckets with rock candy inside.

 I LOVED this. For their sign in book, one of Rachel's bridesmaids drew this tree. Guests stamped their fingerprints on the tree as leaves and signed their names. My favorite is the swing with Rachel's and Kane's fingerprints. Adorable!

Rachel was brave and performed a surprise hula for Kane, as is a popular tradition in Hawaiian culture. Not going to lie, I definitely skipped out on that on purpose when we got married. Oops :).

Well that's it for part one of our three-part trip! I have a few crafts, style, and recipes to post about as well, so be ready for lots of activity coming from "I just like the "B" and that's all"!


  1. HAHA I know Rachel! We swam together at BYU!!! Thats totally cool you went to her wedding!!!

  2. Hey Kelsey -- Kane's last name is Friel, right? I'm pretty sure I met one of his aunts and two or three of his siblings or cousins when I went to Hawai'i last year. I talked to them for about 1/2 an hour. One of them was a senior in high school and was thinking about playing volleyball for the University of Utah. She was dating a guy who was LDS and was thinking about joining the Church. Plus she wanted to get an F-150 truck, which is always fun to talk about :)

    Anyway, if that's them, that's really cool. Unbelievable how small the world is sometimes. Did you hear I went to high school with Geoff Geertsen, who apparently is Peter's new best friend in San Clemente?


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