Saturday, January 11, 2014

On being a grown-up

Didn't life seem so much simpler when we all looked like this ^^^^ (side note: I seriously hope our kids look like Tay when he was a baby!)

Being a grown up is scary sometimes. Granted, I didn't just become one so this isn't news to me, but some days I just sit there and the inner kid inside of me thinks yeah, I'd really like to not be a grown up right now or this adult junk is scary or honestly sometimes I think this situation is so uncomfortable I'd rather run and hide like a kid...but I can't. Cause I'm an adult. But that's life. Don't get me wrong, this isn't me subliminally telling you that my life is really hard right now. It's actually really great. But some days being a grown up is scary and stressful.

I've been on the job hunt lately and I hadn't heard back from anyone so this week I've just been enjoying going to the gym, cleaning, trying (key word trying) to cook, etc. Then all of the sudden within three days I heard back from all the jobs I applied for and I obviously don't know which option is best, and which place will even offer me a job, so being prepared to know what to tell them if/when they offer me a job is hard. Long story short I made a big decision and took a leap of faith and turned down a job I had initially accepted. It was kind of my last pick but I accepted because I hadn't received any other offers or interviews. However, Tay and I realized I needed something with more hours and we didn't feel this job was right, even though I was initially somewhat excited about working for the company. I called to tell them yesterday that I had retracted my decision to accept the position, and I felt that I did so at the best time possible (before training starts and before I had signed any paperwork), but the lady was still pretty ticked. I mean I get where she's coming from, but then she tried to tell me "just so you know you're already officially hired so you'll never be considered again", etc. which isn't true because I never gave her my social security number, never signed anything, etc. so I know I couldn't already be technically hired. Either way I felt so bad after, and mostly just felt really uncomfortable and had that yeah, I'd like to run and hide right about now feeling. This obviously isn't a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but this was the first time I had to do something like this and I did not like it. But hey, that's life. I have an interview this coming week for a job I'm really hoping for because I think it will be a much better fit. Any and all good vibes/prayers are welcomed :)

Taylor has just applied for optometry school so now we just wait to hear back. Having our future in the air is something I am not a fan of, because I guess I'm kind of a control freak and I like to always have a plan of action (something I need to work on). So basically in about 6-8 months we could be living in California, Oregon, Ohio, Texas, or Tennessee, who knows?! It's actually pretty exciting when I can keep my nerves out of the way!

But yeah, sometimes I just miss being a kid when you didn't even realize that your parents were going through all the stressful adult stuff.

Other awkward, uncomfortable, and stressful grown-up situations:

-when friends and/or family try to either sell or get you to join an MLM (multilevel marketing scheme...I mean business) ... and they never stop. It's hard to mix business with friends :/

-when people talk to you about highly sensitive political issues and you don't know what their stance is and so you don't want to offend but you want to be honest (some people are really good at talking about these things, but like I mentioned here I'm not good at it)

-when your freezer isn't freezing and your refrigerator isn't cold and your management company is less than helpful and you have to be really upfront and bold with the "emergency" maintenance guys who aren't much help. I don't think I've ever had to be so "demanding" before. I just want cold milk for cereal ok?! (and for my food to not all go bad).

-when people on Facebook comment saying less than smart things (and they're like 17) and you really want to comment and set them straight but you realize you have to be mature cause you're an adult... #sotempting

Oh, the joys of being a grown-up.
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  1. The facebook comment thing. That's me EVERY SINGLE DAY. Also, I feel like you and I have the same life. Let's hang out more. The end. :)


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