Thursday, January 23, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Yesterday my dad turned 50. I say 'turned' instead of 'would have turned' because even though my dad isn't here on the Earth I still think of him as being alive in spirit. It's almost been seven years since his very early passing (he was 43), and most of his birthdays have come and gone like normal. However, realizing that my dad was turning 50 made me really miss him!  I realized that there is a pretty big difference between 43 and 50, which made me realize how long it had been since I had seen him and talked to him. So much has happened since then!

-went on my first date
-had my first kiss
-went to prom and other dances
-got my first boyfriend
-got accepted to BYU
-graduated high school
-had my first long/serious relationship
-moved out
-had lots (and lots) of dating drama (it's probably good my dad wasn't around for that one....he is very protective of his girl!)
-picked my major
-met my future husband
-went through the temple
-got married
-graduated from BYU

I wanted to try to think about him all day, as if I was celebrating with him if he was really here. Tay and I took some balloons (I wanted all gold (of course) for the special occasion, but they only had two...) and a flower to his grave. I love where his headstone is because the sun always shines right through the trees and onto his grave. 

Later I had to stop by BYU so I decided to get a donut (ok fine, it was two) to celebrate during the day! Any excuse for a yummy BYU donut! 

That night my family went out to eat at Brick Oven, one of my dad's favorite restaurants. We go out to eat every year to celebrate my dad's wonderful life. I know everyone always says "my dad is the best", which I don't doubt is true! But my dad really just had a little bit of extra life in him. He was the life of the party. He would remember everything you said when you talked, and later ask you how those things were going the next time he saw you. He always tried to help me have fun things to do with my friends. He may or may not have taken me and my friends TPing in high school. 

I miss him a lot but I'm so grateful for all of years I got to have with him! 

So happy birthday, old man :)

PS: I was at my mom's the other day looking for something and I found this. I had totally forgotten about it. My dad helped me redo my room when I was 13 (complete with lime green walls....don't worry they're still lime green). He had taken an old calendar hanger and painted to match the room, and he painted this on the back :) It was my dad's "signature" to draw a little character of himself when he left us notes (he always thought it was funny to give himself a black eye or scars in his picture). I love finding stuff like this as the years go by.

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