Thursday, September 5, 2013

Back to School 2013 and New Goals


Well it's that time of year again. Tay started school on Tuesday, and I started yesterday. I feel like it all came up on my so fast! I wanted to have our house perfectly clean when school started (I usually get it all nice and perfect before we go out of town because I love coming home to a clean house but that didn't happen this time. Sad face). I'm still cleaning the's so really shouldn't even have room to get messy...right? I also have made a goal to cook. In general. It's really hard because Taylor is a good cook and I just don't even know how to plan meals ahead of time, grocery shop etc. so it's easy to just let him do it. He's knee-deep in crazy science classes and I'm just chillin' at school one more semester taking sewing, interior design, and two English classes so I really want him to just focus on school since he's the one going to grad school. I'm so grateful for Taylor and his hard work so I'm always trying to be a supportive wife...but I'm just still getting the hang of keeping things organized in life in general. Anyway, we did get a few things done around the house that made me happy:

Our sealer gave us all three of these and told us to get frames and hang them in our room. Almost a year and a half later, it's finally done! We just never knew the size of each document when we would find ourselves at stores to buy frames. But they're finally up and I'm happy about that!
I told Tay I wanted photos of us actually in front of the temple. We have lots of wedding photos but not all including the temple. I loved this frame so this was a good buy for me! 

Tay picked out this frame. So cute :) 

Another one in our room that actually looks good now that we have our other three photos on the wall. 

Oh, also. I made a promise I shouldn't have made. Taylor and I were talking about ways to save money as we're really starting to head into our big future with going to grad school and such. I realized that I spend way too much money on clothes, accessories, etc. So I made a goal that I wouldn't buy any clothes or accessories until Christmas. I was so confident with that goal that I told Taylor...he thought it was a great idea so I promised him I'd keep that goal. What did I get myself into!??! For some of you that's no big deal. But whenever I come across a good deal I have a hard time saying no! But I've been looking at some blogs that feature fashion posts (normally I hate those because I find the typical fashion post poses really awkward to look at) and I realized I can style the clothes I own in many different ways to create new outfits. Taylor is always complaining that my clothes are kind of taking over our closet (this is true) so this will help with that as well. I'll let you know how this goal goes!
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