Saturday, September 14, 2013

CPK, Pepper Spray, and other fun things.

Hello! It's been a great weekend so far. Yesterday was super fun. After school Tay and I just hung out at home and literally just relaxed and talked for a couple hours, which doesn't always happen since we're usually really busy. It was nice to just spend time together with no place to go or rush to right away. I was craving California Pizza Kitchen and even though Tay wasn't super hungry at the time, he took me there for dinner. Such a sweet guy :). I decided to try something new, so I asked the waiter what his favorite thing was: the Jamaican Jerk. I tried it and it was pretty good! Also, for those of you who go there frequently enough to notice, they changed their bread! It was more like how the bread is at Macaroni Grill. Super yummy.

My cute cousin Morgan just got home from her mission in Georgia, so we made signs and took pictures of ourselves with them to post on her Facebook wall (she lives in California). As you can see from the photos this task wasn't super easy to do ourselves (holding the sign, both fitting in the picture, then taking the picture).

My sister sent me this photo from school. She's a cheerleader and they had to each make a big poster to but hung around the stadium. I may or may not have helped a little (just a little!) so it was fun to see it hanging at her school. She's the youngest so it's crazy seeing her already in high school!

My sister's (the one on the back) school mascot is the Thunderbird, so Tay helped us come up with this saying for the poster! 

Taylor and I possibly made a mistake yesterday...we started watching the ABC series Once Upon a Time on Netflix...and now we're addicted. Seriously though, we stayed up until 1am watching it when Tay had to be at work at 6! (ok, Taylor stayed awake. I, as usual, fell asleep on his shoulder).

After a couple episode's we went to Taylor's Intramural football game. The other team had to forfeit because one guy didn't have his ID (they're required to show that they're the one who actually registered for the team). They still played just for fun, and it was fun to watch. While I was just sitting watching, some girl came up to me and told me I was really pretty. I share this because it makes me have faith in humanity that some people just do or say nice things just because. It was really sweet of her and it gave me a little confidence boost! I'm gonna try to pass that on to someone else!

Oh, the joy of taking photos on your phone. If I had an awesome camera these shots would've been great. Tay played a great game! Plus he wore orange to stand out so it was easy for me to find him playing :) 

My cute boy getting ready for the game

just chilling and wishing I'd worn rain boots because it was wet! 

Shameless selfie. 
As I've mentioned before, Taylor works as a security guard at the Missionary Training Center where LDS missionaries are trained before they serve their missions. The other day they had a pepper-spray training. In order for the guards to carry pepper-spray they have to be sprayed first!!! It is optional, but required if you want to carry pepper-spray. And for those of you wondering if it would ever be necessary for them to use'd be surprised at some of the people they come across! Last year Tay couldn't make it to this training so he didn't have to worry about deciding whether to do it. This year he told me he was going to do it....let's just say I almost embarrassed myself by the amount of worry I had for him ALL DAY before the training. I feel like it might have been similar to how mothers feel when they have to take their babies to get shots. You're just letting the person you love get hurt and you can't help them! I was a baby about it. So he went, and he was sprayed. He said it was really bad, but he recovered pretty quickly. That was an interesting adventure. Oh, and I'm still sitting here wondering, why don't you have to be shot by a gun in order to carry a gun? Not to get all political...but who knows!

I've made it another week without buying clothes. Sometimes I see really good deals on Facebook (have you checked out GroopDealz? They are AWESOME!) and then I have to remind myself of my goal! But it's all good. I did get a really fun new curling iron/wand...not really sure what to call it. I've been curling my hair with my flat iron for the past four years, which works but it sometimes takes long and is a little tricky sometimes. I'm still deciding if I like this one (pretty sure I do), but it's been rainy so I haven't really been able to use it and see how the curls stay because it just rains. I'll show a good pic some time soon and see what you all think.

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