Tuesday, September 24, 2013


I have an announcement to make! Sorry friends (Madie & Andrea :), I'm not pregnant. But I have another type of baby, my new shop! It's officially open :) You've heard a lot about it being in the works, but it's here! I've had a couple sales already (one before my shop even opened...she found me on Pinterest! Yay!) so things are going well! Thank you to everyone who has already been so supportive and who has helped me spread the word. Please go here and "like" INKH.Designs on Facebook if you'd like!

The name: To be honest I had the HARDEST time coming up with a name for this shop. I had literally be brainstorming for months, and everything I came up with was already taken or just didn't sound right. So after a handy-dandy FB post, my sister's awesome mother-in-law suggested using "InKH" because it's like "ink" but includes my initials, KH, (minus the "B", but that's ok :). I loved it and it stuck!

 Many of you know my goal for the future is to be a stay-at-home mom (blogging about that later), so I'm trying to get this shop off the ground and Just Buttons & Bows back in action to help me have a little consistent job at home now that can continue in the future when we get to that point, which is why I really appreciate everyone's support! I have always liked being creative and crafty, so I have loved opening my shops and getting to do what I love from home, on my own time, in my own way, and helping bring in a little money to help our (little) bank accounts. It's seriously a dream doing what you love as a part-time job. 

Right now I obviously have designs up and for sale, but I also really love doing custom designs! Let me know if you have an awesome idea you want to create a custom design for! I have done some trade work as well in exchange for some advertising, so if you're a blogger and interested in doing that let me know! 

Here's one of my favorites I created. I love the old bridal tradition of "something old, something new..." and I'm slightly sad I didn't completely follow through with it on my wedding day, so I decided to make a bridal shower invite with that theme!

Thank you again to everyone for their kind words and support! Also, thanks to everyone who put up with my little bad day the other day. That was rough. I've had some more "fun" experiences with that class but we'll save those for later, haha.

We had such a fun weekend and Tay was contacted by someone from one of the schools he's applying to, but more on that later! :)
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  1. Man if I would have known you are this awesome! When I got married I would have totally bought this! So cute!


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