Sunday, September 15, 2013

Once Upon a Time, Shakes, and...slight outfit post?

You guys. Where did the weekend go?? Since my last post (yesterday) we've watched even more Once Upon A Time on Netflix, which I'm secretly hoping will replace some of the football that is watched in this household (I bet you can't guess who's guilty of that one, huh?). Just kidding, football isn't too bad, I just didn't grow up in a big football household.

Anyway, last night we went to a fall retreat for Taylor's work. It was a lot of fun to see all the security guards together. It was a nice reminder of how important the security within the Church is and how neat it is for them all to be a part of it. I really need to get to writing about my experience working at the MTC so far because really it is amazing to see the Lord's work in progress. And guys, the majority of the missionaries going through the MTC right now are born in..(get ready)...1995!!! I know I'm not that old, but I remember what was going on in my life in 1995! Yikes! Anyway, the sisters and elders are fun to work with. Tonight I got bribed by one to break a rule for him....hmmm. Obviously I said no, but this kid was dead serious about paying me... (he just wanted me to "look the other way" so he could keep his sheet music for good that he had checked out).  They really are only 18 haha but they truly are serving the Lord (still adjusting to maturing a little for some :) ) and it is just so neat to watch.

After Tay's work party Tay knew I'd love my favorite cookie dough shake from JCW's so I regretfully ate the whole thing (hello small stomach ache) then we watched some Once Upon a Time. Today was nice/weird to be back at church after traveling for a few weeks then having stake conference last week.

Again, gotta love taking pictures with your phone. Also, that large white thing is my shake spoon in case you're wondering haha. 

Here is my new dress I got (right after I made my vow not to shop until Christmas). I loved wearing it and got lots of compliments. I don't really own Navy so it was a good addition to the wardrobe! Also, those shoes, my favorite! From Macy's...and only $5. Yes, $5!! Gotta love sales. 

                                                       I hope you all have a great week!

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  1. okay, LOVE the dress. more of those, please. and so many people are talking about Once Upon A Time all the sudden! maybe i'll try it out!

  2. thank you! haha and we shall see. I seriously make my husband hurry and take a photo before any of our neighbors see. so awkward. But i do love clothes! And yes, seriously Once Upon a Time is AMAZING! We love it!


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