Thursday, September 5, 2013

Quizno's at Midnight (and the small angry man).

Our night in Vegas...
We got back from Hawaii three days ago after a very long trip. If you read this post I mentioned we had some flight trouble getting back to Utah. We ideally wanted to fly standby from Honolulu to LAX, but that flight was totally full. We had already looked into possibly flying into Vegas (that flight looked pretty open) and then renting a car from there and driving home. The rental car rates according to online looked good so we took the risk and boarded the Vegas flight. We got into Vegas at midnight. Our bodies thought it was only 8pm which gave us a little extra energy, but it also just kind of made our bodies confused when we were traveling that late at night. I told Taylor I didn't feel good about driving through the night so we decided to look for a hotel....on a weekend....during the Labor day holiday. Needless to say every good, safe, affordable place was booked. All I knew is that I was tired, really hungry and I wanted to get home. So we solved the first problem we could: we found food. We got some sandwiches from a Quizno's kiosk at the airport, which was luckily open until 1AM(thank goodness for the late Vegas lifestyle). I held those sandwiches forever while we tried to get to the rental car place. They smelled so good and I was so hungry. Anyway, Tay went to get quotes on car rentals...they were all $300-400+ based on the cars they had left and including an extra fee because we're not 25 yet (seriously you can be old enough to be married and have children but not old enough to rent a car??) and we'd only be driving one way. I started to panic inside feeling stranded which was pretty silly because I knew everything would be OK but still. We didn't know what to do and didn't really have a solution, so we FINALLY we sat down and ate our Quizno's.

I didn't even try to get a good photo I just wanted to document the crazy adventure. 

 It was almost 1AM and it was the best sandwich I've had in a long time! Tay finally found a reasonable deal on a car, which was a Jeep Patriot, which I now would like to purchase if we had the money. It was such a smooth ride, especially compared to our poor Lancer that has had a whole lot of problems lately. We decided to just try to sleep a little while in the rental car garage. I figured it'd be an OK rest considering it was around 2:30AM by the time we went to sleep and the area we were parked in was pretty empty.

There was another small SUV rental option parked near us but it wasn't really an option because it had written on it "no key" which meant what it said, there was no key so it couldn't be rented. At about 3:30AM I woke up to some foreigners sounding angry and confused and muttering things I didn't understand because I was half-asleep and they had accents. I looked over and realized they had wanted to rent the car with no key but were upset when they got to it and saw they couldn't. I also saw them looking over at us and saying things implying that they were wondering why we were just in the car and why we got to get that car. They seemed angry and I was tired so I just reclined my seat more and basically hid while I tried to sleep. Scary people.

Then came 4AM. I woke up to some small man (small meaning he was really quite short but kind of big...sorry if that sounds rude, just reporting what I saw!) yelling at a lady who worked for the rental company. I was so confused because it seemed to come out of nowhere (or maybe I had slept through the first part of the fight) but he just kept saying "YOU DON'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO TALK TO ME LIKE THAT" then the lady would talk calmly then he'd say "OK WHAT'S YOUR NAME...OK, YEAH I'M GOING TO TALK TO SECURITY. I'M GOING TO TALK TO YOUR SUPERVISOR!" Then she'd continue to talk calmly and he just kept yelling. Then he started walking to the car he was renting and started saying "YOU MAKE ME NERVOUS YOU KNOW. YEAH, YOU MAKE ME REALLY NERVOUS!" He kept saying that even as he drove off. I was so so confused. Nervous about what? Maybe he was high?

We slept a little longer and couldn't really sleep so we just got up and drove. We made good time and it was a good drive (especially in that Jeep!). It was a fun little adventure. I'm very glad to be home though because it was a long trip home. My body still doesn't get tired at normal times so I've been forcing myself to go to sleep (not usually an issue for me). I love having these little adventures with my cute husband. It's stuff we'll laugh about down the road for sure.

Drove through the sunrise
Tay was cute and thought we should get a picture in front of the Utah sign to document our little adventure. We both looked so worked! 

And that was our adventure of Quizno's at midnight and the small angry man. And that's all.
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  1. this is crazy! i'm glad you guys made it home! the jeep patriot has been my dream car every since i found out they stopped making the liberty, so i'm super jealous you got to try one out! i've only given one a little test drive at the dealer!

    1. ok I did not know they stopped making the Liberty but I seriously want a Patriot so bad, I only drove it one day and I'm in love!


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