Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Short after our Camp Pendleton trip we celebrated by 23rd Birthday! I've probably already mentioned this, but July is a big birthday week for my family! My older sister Nicole's birthday is July 17th, my birthday is July 15th, and my younger brother Chris' birthday is July 13th. And that wasn't even planned! Prior to all of our birthdays, we went to California Pizza Kitchen to celebrate all three birthdays. Aside from pretty slow service and being seated in a really warm area (think sun room with no AC), it was a fun bday dinner! It's always interesting to tell the waiter you're there celebrating 3 birthdays when they let you know they do free birthday desserts.

For my actual birthday I was able to last-minute get the day off (shout out to my co-workers who took bits and pieces each of my shift!), so Tay and I spent all day together (a rare occasion at that time since I was working full time). I slept in then caught up on my favorite TV shows while Tay had a dentist's appointment. It was so nice to have a relaxing morning. When Tay got home we kick-started the day with some Waffle Love (if you're in Utah County you HAVE to try it. SOO yummy!). Since we counted Disneyland as my main birthday gift, we kept the bday shopping spree confined to just using the gift cards and money sent from family (thank you!). We enjoyed dinner at Macaroni Grill (thanks to an awesome Graduation gift we got!) after. Sooo yummy!

Had to take a pic of this cute bday card/gift from the doTERRA executives. Little oil candles!


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