Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Saying Goodbye

The past month has been crazy. I sort of forgot to put my two week's notice in until almost exactly two weeks before we moved...so my last day of working full time was five days before we moved! We definitely underestimated the beast that moving is! We packed up within just a few days (thank you SOOO much to our friends and family who helped!). It all happened so fast that I think I was numbed to most of the sadness that comes with leaving a place you've lived for 23 years! I was a little sad leaving our apartment that we'd lived in since we first got married. We had so many memories there. However, it was time for a new chapter in our lives to open up.

We had fun going on a boating trip with my best friends (since high school!) before we left. These are truly the best friends I've ever had (we were missing a few though! And somehow I didn't get a pic of a few!). They took me under their wings after my dad died when I was in high school. These guys (and now their wives) have been the best of friends for years. Mark, you can thank me for not posting the pic of you and your 'lake waves' hair :). Love you guys!
Tay and I getting beatings on the tube!

My best friend Andrea and her husband Nathan moved away for the summer, but I was lucky to be able to see her when she came in town so I could say bye! She's expecting in October and I'm so excited to meet her little man! 

Before we left my grandparents took us out to the Creamery ice cream one more time! We're lucky they're little travelers cause our chances of seeing them every once in a while is greater than most other family members.

A bunch of my doTERRA buddies got together to say bye to me and another co-worker (shout out to Diana!) at Applebee's for Karaoke night and half-off appetizers (shout out to mozz sticks! yum!).

Tay and I had one last get-together with our friends, the Manns! Mary was my visiting teacher the whole 2.5 years we were in the ward! I think she maybe missed one or two months the whole time. She also served in primary with me so she was one of my close friends in the wards since I was in primary most the time. They are the funnest couple who loveee Sodalicious :) They were so helpful with our move as well.

And then I had my last day at doTERRA. I'll admit, there were the good days and the bad days (shout out to some of the crazy customers...and the nice ones :) I had the best co-workers and supervisors! On my last day they had donuts (coincidentally!) to celebrate all the July birthdays. It was like a party!
My little desk!
By two best buds!
Best row ever!
I wouldn't have made it through some long days without Kara!

The Saturday before we left, we took a break from packing to get one more 7-Peaks day in since we had passes. I've grown up going to this park, and the blue slide behind me here is the one I've never been able to conquer! You basically go straight (horizontally) through a small tube, then drop quickly straight down. I really wanted to face my fear and go down, so we did it! I went head first on this mat. I won't lie, it was horrifying (I literally caught air when I went down the drop), but it was so fun!

On our last Sunday in Provo I said bye to this awesome Primary presidency! The presidency has changed lots since I've been in it (many people came and went), but I loved serving with these women!

That night we had an impromptu goodbye open house. It was really hard to for real say bye to everyone, but I'm hopeful I'll get to visit home soon enough to see everyone again. These are all some of my best friends ever!

                                     Chatham #26 (minus Mary, Macy, and Bri!) girls! Living with these girls was one of my favorite college memories!

The Cooks from our ward and complex!

Rob & Hallie! Rob is one of my best friends (not pictured in the boating pics) from high school

Chellyn & Alison from the neighborhood! 

Andrea was on her way to Girls camp before we moved so she came to say bye while we were in the midst of packing. We're both looking super classy, I know :) 

 We had lots of help packing up and cleaning. Here's the last of our very first apartment together. We love our new one, but this place, like I said, had so many memories!

Mary, of course, insisted on helping (so much!) me clean! She is the best friend ever. 

It was a bittersweet night leaving this place! 
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