Sunday, August 17, 2014

Camp Pendleton 2014

Every year my family camps at Camp Pendleton Marine Base in California for the Galan Family Reunion (my mom's side). This year we went right after the fourth of July. The best part was I got to use some PTO so I got paid to be on the beach. Thank you, doTERRA :). We were really happy to be able to go this year since we're not sure what our next few summers will be looking like with grad school. We camped on the beach, laid out and got some sun, ate yummy food, had camp fires and S'mores, and made an awesome video to recap the week. I won't lie, 2014 has been a really busy, stressful year with lots of big changes, multiple jobs, etc., so having this break was really nice. Working 8-5 inside for the first time in my life, I've really come to appreciate some good Vitamin D and what good it can do for the soul!

We were also able to go to Disneyland for the first time together. It was so fun to go with all of my family!

We recently bought a new car (and said bye to my old car of 7 years :( ) so our ride to California was really nice! Tay still doesn't like driving longer than an hour (thank you, Hawaii), but we had fun the whole ride!

We caravanned with four (yes, four!) other vehicles since my family all left at the same time. It was an interesting adventure. We drove from Provo to Zion's National Park. It was one of my "Utah Bucket List" items to go to a Utah tourist attraction, so I'm glad we did! It was really pretty, and we did some fun hikes! That night we drove to Mesquite, then the next morning we picked up and drove to California to camp!

 We had so much fun! My grandparents always put a lot of effort into making this reunion happen, and we are so grateful!
Tay helping my cute grandparents cook one day. We love them lots! 

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