Friday, August 15, 2014


Hey there. Yeah, we're alive...just super busy!

So I think I last posted in April. Annnd it's halfway through August now. Well, LOTS has happened! Taylor and I moved to Houston, TX two weeks ago. These next few posts on the blog will be playing catch-up. So enjoy!

This post is dedicated to...GRADUATION!!! The best part is, Tay and I are kind of both frauds. Ok, not really. But we all know I really graduated back in December because I've been so happy it about it I've probably mentioned it a million times since then. And Tay is technically was technically all done with his major when we walked at graduation, but he didn't "graduate" until June because the University of Houston required one more class that his major didn't. So we both walked but neither of us technically finished in April. Such rebels, I know. Taylor graduated with his Bachelor's in Exercise Science and his minor in Business Management. I graduated with my Bachelor's in English Language and a minor in Contemporary Dance.

Graduation week was super fun! My sister Nicole and little Leo (the child with the amazing hair) came in town, and Tay's parents and his aunty came up from Hawai'i! It was so much fun to have family in town to help us celebrate.

I wanted to make sure we got some good shots of just me & Tay in our super flattering caps and gowns (I sure hope you can sense that sarcasm), but I knew graduation day would be so busy. My sister Nicole was nice enough to bring her fancy camera and take some photos of use the day before. The last time we did a photo shoot of just us was our wedding! It's fun to see what we look like just two years later.

This is one of my favorites. I love Taylor so, so much. His smile still makes me so happy. 

                  Shout-out to my bestie Lauren for this adorable necklace that helped jazz up my robe!

 I made these little 4x6 inserts which we sent out with our graduation announcements (I got a couple back in the mail so if you were expecting one but didn't get it, don't hate us!). We had a small get-together with my close friends and family to celebrate. Taylor saw the one on the right and asked "do people do this kind of thing?". Well, he clearly is still learning who he is married to :). I just said "yep!", and that was that. 

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