Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week 28- Third Trimester!

The third trimester!!! I have said this so many times, but things are getting real here! I have been blessed with a fairly "easy" pregnancy (in comparison to others' I'm sure), so some weeks have gone by really fast. Making it to the third trimester though still felt like a breakthrough because this is the last trimester! My next milestone is making it to full-term. 

Although this pregnancy hasn't been too bad, this week I felt really "welcomed" into the third trimester with super sever back pain and I almost wanted to take back saying I'd had an easy pregnancy simply because of this week! Of course that's kind of dramatic but this week I was definitely feeling overwhelmed. I have had lower back pain problems for the past few years and I've just learned to deal with it, but this was totally something different! I later talked to my doctor and figured it was probably sciatica, but luckily it has been getting much better! 

Something that I was really excited about this week was that I made it to my third trimester gaining just under my goal weight-gain for this point in my pregnancy. I know everyone has told me to not worry about the scale, to eat what I want when I want, that I'm "eating for two", etc. but let's be honest, that's way easier said than done! I don't care so much about the number I see on the scale as I do gaining a healthy amount of weight rather than just going crazy with the carbs (the thing I'd rather be doing on most days!) It was such a small "victory" for the week, but it's the little things that count because sometimes when I'm eating a green smoothie (occasionally :)) when I really would rather have a donut, it's nice to know it pays off (whether or not you're pregnant)! But don't be fooled, I did request some donuts in celebration of this small victory. A little ironic, I know :).  

This week I felt our baby girl totally roll over or turn over or something like that. It was like this big wave of movement instead of the normal jabs or movements I feel. It was almost a little freaky, but totally exciting.  

This week I also hosted a shower for my friend Sarah who is due a week ahead of me. It was so fun to put together a fun celebration for her and her little girl. I'll post pictures soon!

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