Sunday, May 10, 2015

Week 29- RIBS..& Done with Year 1!!!

This week was a little crazy knowing that it was the end of the '20s' and that after this week everything was going to count down to our little girl's arrival! Luckily this week my back pain was totally gone! I had about 3 nights of legitimately good sleep and it very much welcomed! Unfortunately it didn't last the whole week, but it was nice while it lasted. 

As mentioned, our baby girl LOVES my ribs. But not just my ribs, she only resides on my right side, and my right ribs. Occasionally I'll feel movement in the center of my belly, but literally 99% of the time it's the right side. I love our girl, but it is exhausting sometimes!

This week was so nice to have a relaxing weekend with Taylor now that school is done. It's only been a few days so far but it has been so nice! He is in the middle of figuring out a job for the summer (we have one that is in the works and we are crossing our fingers it works out!), and I am in my last few weeks nannying before I have a month to get ready for our girl's arrival. I am really going to miss the kids I nanny. They are so sweet, and I have learned so much from their sweet family. But it's also very exciting knowing that I'm about to have my own little family to learn from and create traditions with. We are also going to be moving apartments in the next month, which will be around second move in 8 months! 

To celebrate the end of year one of school, we had a little BBQ and pool party with some of our friends in Taylor's class! A couple of them couldn't come so it ended up a party with our Mormon optometry friends! There are 4 Mormons total in Taylor's class. Of the 3 who are married, all 3 of them have had expecting wives since near the beginning of the school year as I mentioned here . We were expecting us all to be here, but our friend Melissa delivered two weeks early that week during finals for the guys! We were so happy for them but definitely missed them at the little party. We got together literally just a couple hours after the guys' last final and I don't know if it had even hit them yet that they were done. But we pregnant women sure enjoyed the food and freedom from our husbands having to take any more tests until the fall! The guys took a total of 52 tests throughout the school year. Crazy! 

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