Thursday, August 22, 2013

Hibbs Go to Hawaii: Days 2 & 3

Good morning! I myself am recovering from 10 hrs of sleep...and yes, I do mean recovering. Last night we were at Taylor's grandma's house and I started falling asleep on the couch while Tay was talking to his grandma and Uncle Ronny. In my head I'm thinking man, we need to go home it's getting late... Thinking it was like 10:30 or 11pm (ok not that late, but relatively late when my body is 4 hrs ahead). Tay helps me get up and to the car, I fall asleep on the 5 minute drive home, and I am horrified/shocked to to see that it's 8:30pm! 8:30pm People! Long story short I fell asleep on the bed when I went to put comfy clothes on until Tay came in for bed at 12:30...then I woke up at 7am. Anyway, my body is way confused right now.

DAY 2:
Our second and third days in Hawaii were awesome. On Tuesday (day 2) we met up with our friend Josh (Tay's old roommate who was his best man) for lunch, then spent the day and the evening at the Polynesian Cultural Center (PCC). We'd both been before so we only spent a little bit walking around, but then we went to a luau and watched the night show that Josh performs in. It was a lot of fun to learn more about Polynesian cultures and traditions. It was, however, so hot and humid. Hence, my hair and makeup was a mess the whole time but I stopped caring after the car ride there because there was no hope haha :).

Excuse my awkward pose...I think I was trying to keep my hair away from me...? 

Tay's probably about had it with my picture-taking

Visiting the Tongan Village at the PCC 
We've sort of started a tradition of doing the little penny press things whenever we see one 

In a gaze...GQ action :) 

not really a flattering photo, but hey, it happened. 

I just love all the greenery! 

Fire knife at the luau 

So we didn't get into the luau we wanted which had more of Hawaiian food, but my tummy was OK because we had some food I'm used to as well (as you can see :) 

They recognized everyone who was there celebrating anniversaries or getting married. It helped me have some faith in humanity as nowadays relationships and marriage are overlooked and often even criticized. There was a couple here celebrating 50 years! They were so cute.  
OK I don't know them, but they had all the couples dance and I just thought it was so cute. Creeper status, I know. 

More fire knife!

Made some friends at dinner who were kind enough to take our picture

Josh, Tay, and Tay's friend Jon. Josh and Jon both performed in the show. 

One of the girls who came to SOAR when we were counselors, Suva, was a performer, too! 

DAY 3:
Yesterday was so fun and so chill. We went to Waimea Bay early with Josh and just had some nice beach time. Waimea is my favorite place because (during the summer) the water is pretty calm and the water is so clear and blue. It's just beautiful. There is a big rock (for lack of a better word) that is popular for people to jump off of. My first time to Hawaii in 2009 I was too afraid to do it so I didn't. The past few times we've come to Hawaii I haven't been able to because my back wasn't in good enough shape. My back has improved a lot and I hate regretting things so I wanted to try to jump off this time. However, when we got there my mind flipped a switch and I was totally OK not jumping because I was too afraid. Tay and Josh kept giving me tips on how to make it a good jump and how not to flop (literally), but I was too scared. My husband, being the good one that he is, convinced me to go up on the rock before too many people went up because he knew I would get too anxious with so many people up there waiting for me/watching me jump. I both love and hate that Tay makes me try new things. Mostly love...but usually in the moment I hate it. I went up there and of course had to ask a couple people if they had ever gotten hurt jumping (have you seen A Walk to Remember? Let's just say that first scene where the kid jumps and lands on his face, etc. is what kept running through my mind). Tay kept telling me when to jump (when the water was at the right place) so when it was time to go I just jumped and didn't even think about posture or anything. It was actually really fun, but I didn't land super well, which made for a real sore awakening this morning (not helped by my strange sleeping scheduling) but I am really glad I did it!

Also, a little while after I jumped I was just laying out on the beach while Tay and Josh chilled and talked when I heard a couple screams and a lot of chaos. A girl had jumped off and must have tried to do a trick, or just hit something because when she hit the water she was unconscious and had blood all over her face :(. Luckily there were swimmers in the water near where she landed who all helped bring her to shore and the lifeguards and some firefighters came and took care of her. Needless to say I won't be jumping for a long time because that is exactly what I was afraid of happening to me, and I am very grateful I was OK. I hope the girl recovers well. She came back to consciousness a little before they took her away. I think she just hit wrong. Either way, prayers her way!

After our stay at the beach we had lunch with Josh again and spent the rest of the afternoon at Tay's grandma's house playing with our nieces and nephews. I love those kids so much I can't even tell you. Every time we go to Grandma's they get excited and yell "Aunty Kelsey!!!". Melts my heart!

Waimea Bay- Isn't it beautiful!?

The rock. At the highest point about a 30-ft drop

"Talking Story"

Josh's paparazzi photo of us walking to the rock

feeling like I was about to die. 

about to have an anxiety attack. 

I did it! 

not very good form... but hey, it happens. 

Tay with his perfect form. Seriously, keep watching the following photos.  

Some footage from the jump! 

Eating at Cholo's

We had a wonderful day!


  1. So fun! That rock scares me half to death, so I'm always impressed when people i know jump off it! Good job :)

  2. You look beautiful and skinny! I hope Glen and I can get to Hawaii some day! Maybe next year!

    1. haha thank you! yes you guys need to go. little leo in hawaiian print!


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