Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hibbs Go to Hawaii: Days 4-6

We've been in Hawaii a week already and the time has gone by so, so fast! We don't exactly know when we're headed home because we're flying standby so we're just going to enjoy this next week and not worry about it until the weekend I guess :)

DAY 4:
Day 4 was quite uneventful actually. We were tired from our late night up after going to the PCC the night before so we had a lazy day in (days that we love probably way too much). Being comfy and watching movies is the best ever! We watched a church movie called One Good Man. It was kind of cheesy acting but it had very good lessons and it was fun to watch.

DAY 5: 
Friday morning Taylor took his grandma to the commissary (on the military base) to get groceries. Each time we visit Tay takes her, and the past couple times I've just stayed at home because I wanted to give Tay time with his grandma as she's getting older and he's definitely a "grandma's boy". I had yet another "lazy morning" while he was out, but hey, that's what vacation is for, right?

Later we had lunch with Josh and also our friends Tyler and Alana who live here in Hawaii. We hit up Nordstrom Rack for a little shopping and I'm proud to say I only bought a few small things...But that's because we're going shopping to my favorite mall ever tomorrow with Tay's mom :)

OH! Ok so the night before I had had this dream where I was working at Cold Stone again (hello, 15-year-old self), and I was making myself a cup of ice cream: Cake Batter ice cream with brownies. I haven't craved Cold Stone ever since I worked there, but in this dream it just looked so, so yummy. So when we were with Tyler and Alana they wanted to go to a Cold Stone we passed, and I was so excited that my dream craving could be fulfilled! So needless to say I went in and ordered Cake Batter with brownies. YUM.

As if we hadn't eaten enough that day, that night we went out with Taylor's siblings, their kids, Tay's mom, and Grandma and Uncle Ronnie. It was nice to get together with the in-laws to spend time with everyone. But seriously though, we've eaten a lot on this trip! The gym will be calling my name when we go back to Utah!

Love when Tay walks with his grandma...melts my heart! 

Little Miss P 
Always in action, this girl!
Banana Cream pie for dessert. So yummy! 

My BFF. This girl always makes me laugh! 

The night just kept getting better as our nieces and I had our third annual "Girls Night". We painted nails and watched Hotel Transylvania, then in the morning Tay's mom made us a yummy breakfast. I was itching for some Vitamin D since we'd had a couple lazy days so Taylor and I took the girls to the pool for a while. I love the pool at my mother-in-law's neighborhood because you just have the gorgeous Hawaiian trees and mountains in the background while you swim. I love it!

Sisters :) 

More sisters!

Adorable Kea choosing to read while we started to do nails. This girl is so good and such a good reader! No worries though, she joined the girly goodness about five minutes after we started :) 

She really is excited I promise! 

Nail polish for days 

Just some morning Temple Run 
Ok I look scary but just being real here! :) Morning lounging with these lovelies 
obsessed with P's face

Glued to the iPad
Look at that view...beautiful! 

Quality pool time with my girls. Now we just have to have a pool day with the nephews! 

This girl just being silly as always! 

Classic Mickey D's picnic after the swim (blanket underneath cause they were all wet!)

Happy to say I held on to my willpower and said "no" to MD this lunch around.
DAY 6:
After our swimming and Mickey D's lunch me, my sister-in-law Trisha and my mother-in-law (I'd just say MIL but for some reason that abbreviation bugs me I have no idea why!) found out about a sale at Macy's (pay $5 for a 25% off of everything (including clearance and sale!) all day long!) so we ran over and did a little shopping. Those ladies are my favorite shopping buddies ever. After we got ready and went to Taylor's dad's house for dinner with all of Tay's siblings for my father-in-law's birthday. I'm probably going to self-destruct because of all the food we've been eating. Don't worry, there's another dinner we're going to today!

Still have a huge crush on this boy! Ps check out his work on that cake! 

The boy still includes Spanish punctuation on things... 

Happy Birthday "Papa"! 

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  1. Looks like so much fun!!!!! That picnic with mcdonalds is awesome ha


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