Thursday, August 8, 2013

I'm going to blog!

You guys. I have been horrible at blogging. {I say that every time}. It reminds me of when I go back and read my journal and every entry starts with "Well, it's been a while since I've written....lot's has happened..." and when I continue to read I notice that it's been like a year, multiple crushes, and a few weight fluctuations... later. {Procrastination is clearly a problem for me.}

I used to be really good at blogging. I loved sharing my life and experiences with others and getting comments about how people could totally relate to situations and such. It was fun building a little community and learning from other people, but over time I've just become really bad at it, and I've started to feel really silly about just putting random stuff about my life on the internet. Obviously I would never put "too much information" (TMI) type stuff on my blog (cue the awkward FB status-type blog posts...i.e. every detail about someone's marriage that no one wants to hear about), but I started to feel silly blogging about real life because everyone on the internet (i.e. lots of "mommy bloggers" and pins on Pinterest--though I do love me some good pin-sessions) seem to live the picture-perfect life. Because of this I starting feeling awkwardly afraid of just sharing my life just the way it is: so much happiness, but just like any other normal person, a few hardships as well. Do you ever feel like this? Anyway, basically I was afraid of putting myself out there and being vulnerable (do you hate that word? I hate that word. They would always use that word in my dance classes and in my head I was always cringing because when I think of "vulnerable" I think of some crazy emotional girl eating ice cream on her couch crying to the boy who just dumped her, telling him she still loves him..and you're just thinking, STOP, girl, STOP!.. Awkward..) ok....sorry for the side note. If you're worried about my possible diagnosis of A.D.D., don't worry, I'm already diagnosed.

So basically I was afraid of being vulnerable to what people would think of my thoughts, opinions, experiences, etc. that I want to share because I want to share the things I think about, my life, my trials, my triumphs, etc. Basically I started finding waaaay too many over-the-top, let's-do-five-giveaways-a-day-so-I-get-free-clothes, perfectly awesome recipe (I'm not a great cook) blogs, and it kind of discouraged me because I'm still working on getting my domestic skills, people skills, work skills....ok basically I'm still working on getting my whole life together. But who isn't?

I was on  a couple weeks ago and found this. It kind of gave me a new perspective on blogging and how the church is actually encouraging blogging to help share spiritual/enlightening experiences and just everyday life experiences of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. So I've used this as motivation to share my life and my thoughts and experiences. I really do have a great life, and even with the hardships I've had, Heavenly Father has blessed me and helped my husband and me so much so that I want to share those things to help others and to remind myself of my blessings. And sometimes I want to write just for the sake of writing and getting my random thoughts and such out somewhere! So if you're with me and you want to share and hear real-life experiences, a few recipes here and there, pictures, etc. follow me and give me feedback, and please leave a comment with your blog link so that I can follow YOU. I love following fun, down-to-Earth people on their blogs. So please, let me stalk you? Just kidding. Well not really, we all do it.

 Anyway, so here is my commitment (not really to anyone else, but mostly to myself) to do what was mentioned on

1. Write about your day-to-day life
2. Update your blog often
3. Share experiences or what you learn at Church or in your family home evening 

So yes, I'm going to blog! For real! And I'm excited, and that's all. And, please, leave me a comment with your blog link so we can be friends :)



                               Some photos from recent happenings that I  haven't blogged about:
4th of July at my Grandpa's house for our family bbq

I turned 22!

I helped throw a bridal shower for one of my best friends/old roommates Lauren! So fun! 


  1. I always feel that the hard part for me is to know what to write about on my blog.

    1. I know, right? Sometimes I have that problem too. Although I do sometimes also have the problem of having the most random ideas to blog about that would probably make sense to no one haha :)

  2. I agree with you. I got discouraged for a while because I didn't have a million followers and I felt like blogging turned into some sort of clique you had to be apart of with shallow posts. But I realized blogging could be whatever you wanted to be and I love the direction your going in! Love reading what you're up to. If that's not weird to say. if you feel like stalking my blog is!

    1. Following! Yeah I'm excited to get things full swing. Sometimes just the technicalities of it stress me out. For instance, my background just decides to not show up sometimes and I am lost when it comes to codes, html, etc. But yeah love your blog! :)

  3. Follow me to find out what Jordan and I have been up to lately. We miss the is ward!

  4. haha completely know what you're talking about. just so you know, i love reading what you're up to. i have plenty of "downs" that i write about as well as "ups", but i try to share my testimony in some small way. anyways, if you follow me just know a bunch of it is my kids, cuz they're a big part of my day :) ps you're adorable in those pics!


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