Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Us right now...

Him: Tay has been in school both Spring and Summer semesters this summer. He's an Exercise Science major, pre-optometry. He works at the Missionary Training Center as a security guard (yes, believe or not, security guards are needed at a church-owned facility!) He is FINISHED with taking the OAT (Optometry Admissions Test--equivalent to the MCAT, LSAT, etc.) and I am so very proud of him (not to mention the score he got...prayers really work!). He will graduate in April, and we get to walk together (we'll be walking with my college....his has too many people!). Currently he loves home-improvement shows (we love "Love it or List it" on HGTV) and as always, Costco is his favorite errand to run (we love instant rebates and samples!). He's very excited to be in Hawaii for a couple weeks. That boy loves his Hawaiian food and the beach.

Me being the crazy wife I am, I made Tay pose for a "before" pic before his test! 

This might as well be my application for joining the paparazzi...Just had to capture every moment! Note: this is why my high anxiety began. For FOUR hours! 

Naturally, I had to get an "after" photo as well. This is Taylor talking to his dad after he finished and got his score! I don't understand how the exact numbering of the score works, but Taylor scored in the 96th percentile! I am one proud wife! 

Her: Basically I've just been working a LOT all summer. I'm not in school (thank goodness), so I'm just bringing in the money while Tay goes to school and only works a few shifts a week (per my request so that he can have time to study and get good grades :). I currently work at the Information Desk at the Missionary Training Center, which is fun because I get to see Taylor once in a while at work. I never realized how much goes into taking care of all of those missionaries, and I just love seeing the missionaries all the time as they give up their time to serve (blog post to come about my experience so far there!). I also worked part-time for SOAR, the camp that Taylor and I met at, teaching the English portion of their ACT prep classes. It definitely helped me to see if teaching is what I want to go into (still not sure about what I'm doing with my life). My Etsy shop is on hold right now while I revamp some things, and I'm also in the works of getting a SECOND Etsy shop up and running. Not to spoil the surprise, but I've fallen in love with graphic design, specifically with designing invitations, so that's what I'll be doing with my second shop. I need to create a few more example invites so if anyone has any ideas (specific themes for birthday parties, showers, etc.) I'd love to hear them! Also, if you have an event you actually need an invitation for let me know and we can work out a good deal since I need more for my "portfolio"/shop. Basically I'll be designing invites and selling the PDFs to customers (customers will print them themselves).  I only have six more credits until I can graduate (taking 12 this coming semester though---hello clothing construction class! So excited!). I won't walk until April because I hate the idea of walking in August and pretending I'm done, and then going back to school.

One of my best friends Lauren got married this summer and I got to make her invitations! She had a lot of events so there were many different parts to it. Clockwise from left: invitation (on shimmery bronze paper!), invitation to a family/close friends dinner prior to the reception, photo, invite to the sealing, invite to welcome them out of the temple/take photos (for those who aren't members, etc.), and in the center is the band the held them all together! 

I loved Lauren's classy style and how it really showed through with her invites! 

Invite for a Baby Boy nautical-themed shower. (obviously a shot from my screen. it wasn't printed yet) 

Travel-themed bridal shower :) (blog post on that later) 

Since I'm trying to keep a current blog as well as trying to catch up, I'm just adding a little "catch up" section aka "Ketchup" (see what I did there? :) 

February: February was a fun month! We celebrated our first Valentine's Day as a married couple. We both had school so it was a pretty chill day, but we carried on our annual tradition we started when we were engaged by eating Burgers Supreme and watching a movie at home. We don't really like the price or hassle of trying to get reservations at a crowded, over-priced restaurant. We're both kind of homebodies so a burger and movie staying in is just fine with us :).

Taylor's birthday is also in February, and his dad and his dad's wife were going to be in Vegas during Tay's Birthday so they were very generous and flew us out for the weekend. I've never understood what is so fun about Vegas, especially since we're LDS (we don't drink alcohol and we don't gamble), but we actually had a really fun time. We did a lot of shopping (Taylor got to go to the Nike outlet), we ate lots of good food, including Fogo de Chao, a restaurant that was so delicious we'll probably never get to eat at again and probably never be able to afford ourselves haha. That was Taylor's dad's gift to Tay for his birthday. We visited the Coca Cola and M&M factories, and we rode the New York New York rollercoaster. We realized that really no one looks good in photos taken on a roller coaster, sadly. Taylor's dad got us ticket's to a David Copperfield magic show that really was AMAZING. But I was so bugged that I couldn't figure out how any of it worked....which is the point of the magic show, I know. Taylor was picked to go on stage to help with one of the acts. I was sad that he, too, couldn't figure out the trick. The main actress from the Nickelodeon movie Fun Size was in the audience when we were there which was kind of fun. We later watched that movie, which is now one of our favorite Halloween movies (the little fat boy is so cute!). We decided to get a couples massage at the MGM which was amazing and it included an entire day free at the spa...which we didn't know about until we got there and already had plans the rest of the day. Again, something we'll probably never get to do/afford again! We saw the Broadway show Jersey Boys, which I really liked, minus the 45852952541 'F' words used... :(.

We were staying at the MGM Hotel during Tay's Bday so I obviously had to improvise. Yes, that is a cupcake with 24 candles! 

Happy because he's at the Nike outlet 

Like father like son (don't worry, they didn't go there dressed like that :) 

Tay entering us in some contest to win a car...because you never know, right? 

Took the boy shopping for his birthday (win-win!) 

At Fogo de Chao

After dinner with Tay's dad and his wife Dee 

The birthday boy :) 

Just galavanting around the city, sober and all :) 

Practically my dream come true! Bumblebee! 

At the Coca-Cola store testing out Coca-Cola products from around the world! My have was watermelon from China

cutest boy ever 

Out on the town after seeing Jersey Boys 

We had so much fun and I mostly just loved being there with Taylor :) 

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